An Analysis Study of the Dance Performance of Momix

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MOMIX Observation

Walking into the theatre I was unsure of what to expect. I had heard of MOMIX before but all I really knew about them was that they were a modern company that consists of dancer illusionists who are under the direction of Moses Pendleton. As a dancer I have seen multiple modern dance company performances, and in some cases these other performances are a bit odd and hard to interpret. However, I was surprisingly pleased with the stories I was able to interpret from the choreography. I believe the choreographer was trying to incorporate both props and bodies to create shapes and figures; which include animalistic features, and partnered dancing. I don’t believe there was an overall story however I did see a story behind each individual piece that was clear or easy to interpret the basic idea of them. In all honesty I personally didn’t see any particular connection to a specific piece of literature but there was a definite story behind them. After doing a bit of research I came to the conclusion that the music was not made for the piece but rather the piece was set based on each composition of music. For each piece the music really affected the mood and the setting of the piece and helped put the story into more perspective. I think the choreographer got their ideas from the creatures and plants associated with the desert. The choreographer was able to create images of cactuses, lizard like-creatures, and fire dancers. If there was a deeper message behind each of the pieces I couldn’t tell what is was. It wasn’t confusing to me what each piece was trying to express but I don’t see a deeper meaning behind it all. I just think it doesn’t really mean anything besides what it is, in all its raw and natural form it’s just dancers on a stage that are creating shapes and figures creating illusions and relaying it back to the audience.

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Overall I loved the performance and I thought I was beautiful and thought it required an intense amount of strength to do the work they were showcasing. Although overall I thought all the pieces were amazing there were definite standouts throughout the whole performance. One that stood out to me was the very first piece “Desert Storm”. The use of the light up props that had a circular shape reminded me of the way tumbleweeds skim along the desert ground. Which incorporates and ties into all of the ideas behind the “Splendors of the Desert”. The dancers were able to create a picture for the audience even though all we could see was the light up tumbleweed like props, and the rest of the stage was pitch black. I thought it was really amazing seeing the picture and movement and understanding what it meant in such a short and precise amount of time. Another one of my favorites was the “Pole Dance”, I didn’t get a clear story of what that actually was trying to portray but I loved it so much because I was able to appreciate the amount of strength it took those dancers to perform that piece. While using what was most likely a 10 ft pole they were still able to dance in perfect synchronization using the poles as a means of support and a way to lift themselves off the ground and do really cool tricks off of them. Although it didn’t have a deeper meaning behind it, I was very impressed with the strength and power behind the piece. I loved the excitement behind it and how unique it was. There was many more pieces in this whole performance that I loved and I am glad I chose to go to this particular performance for one of the shows we were required to see. After watching this I am further inclined to attend another show that the MOMIX puts on.

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