An Economic and Baby Booms after World War II in America

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The time during the 1950’s was a time of change for the United States. During this time, many geopolitical events and international issues such as the Cold War and the subsequent Korean War would confront the United States. On the other hand, the 1950’s would be an era of growth and prosperity for the United States which allowed the country to become a world power. The United States achieved this due to changes in society and the economy.

Not long after World War II, the United States would find the Soviet Union aspiring for world domination. European countries would become linked to the communism spread the Soviet Union, eventually becoming satellite states. The Soviet Union would then turn towards the East in order to spread communism to countries like China and North Korea. Upon recognition of the imminent threat posed by the communism spread, the Truman Doctrine would be created to oppose the communist expansion. The new foreign policy would support countries that were resisting the spread of communism from the Soviet Union. Shortly after China had became a communist country, the United States would send troops to South Korea to prevent North Korea from taking over South Korea.

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Meanwhile, within the United States, tensions would rise as the idea of communist influence within the country spread after Truman roots out communists within the government. This allowed rise to McCarthyism which targeted individuals whom Senator McCarthy accused as being communist. But eventually, when McCarthy’s allegations were sorted out and revealed as personally motivated, McCarthy would become censured. Eventually, the outcome of this would lead Americans to understand the importance of democracy.

Outside of the current political issues, the United States would receive changes in society and the economy which would help the United States become a world power. After World War II, American experienced the largest period of economic growth in American history. Returning World War II veterans would be aided by the GI Bill of Rights, giving financial aid. The GI Bill impacted American society by increasing home construction and education, due to loans given by the government. With the increasing population in the urban city, many Americans would move to the suburbs. Americans would become more dependent on cars as suburban growth increased. The increase in the economy made Americans spend more money, the average American family would have twice as much income than before in the 1920’s. The Baby Boom would change society as returning soldiers would make up for lost time and get married, allowing for an increase in children. The development of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk would benefit the Baby Boomers as healthcare increased.

The societal changes and economic changes would lead to America to becoming a prosperous nation. Post World War II, the country experienced an economic boom and baby boom. The society would also change not just from the increase in children but the movement to suburbs due to the increased population in urban cities. The combination of societal changes and economic changes would influence each other which would allow America to become prosperous.

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