An Event that Changed My Life Completely

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An event that changed my life started when I was 15 years old and I had just entered school it was a new school year and we are all excited because we had a lot of time that we did not see each other. I was mainly too excited because I was in love with a classmate the which I had been in love with since kindergarten and every time I saw her it was as if time stopped, that’s when my friends and I were sitting and she enters through the door ‘Desire’ that was her beautiful name and it was as if the I had seen for the first time as if Cupid had shot me, I wanted so much to go talk to her and ask how her vacation was and lose hours talking to her, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have the courage to talk to her or rather I was afraid that she rejected me. That’s how they passed every day and she didn’t come out of my head it was as if she had impregnated me so I wouldn’t stop weighing her.

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And that’s when ‘Diana’ comes in, my best friend to whom I would tell all my problems and everything related to ‘my love life’, especially I had days telling Diana about Desire and I told her how much I liked her and that I didn’t I could get her out of my head to which she replied to try and lose that fear that prevented me from speaking so much to what could be the love of my life. and that’s when a friend of mine decides to have a party at his house for his birthday and he invited all my friends including me. Obviously but what I didn’t know is that he had invited desire to which he reacted very nervous and happy when I told myself and I remember that when the day of the party arrived I was so nervous that I did not even dine, because I knew that this was my perfect opportunity to meet Desire. When I arrived at the party that I did not see Desire for a moment I was disappointed. When 10 minutes pass that I have been at the party that I am talking to some friends Desire arrives I felt as if everything was falling apart, after a moment that I see that she is lonely and that she has no one to talk to, I thought ‘this is my moment ‘and I was all nervous and anxious and I said a simple’ hello ‘to which she replied with the same, that’s when I was able to set up a conversation with her and we lasted the whole party talking. Although I must admit that I didn’t listen to her much because I missed ia in her beautiful eyes and I remember as if it were today when she says ‘I have something to tell you’, to which she responded with ‘tell me’ I liked you a few years ago and I felt as if the world had stopped.

I don’t know that Respond and after 5 minutes had passed since she had made me ready I answered her with a ‘serious’ is that she did not believe it to which she responded ‘yes’ but it was that you had never surrounded me and I in my mind ‘how stupid are you my god’ to which I replied very excited ‘I also like you’, and we exchanged numbers and we got to know each other we had several appointments and today is my current girlfriend.  

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