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Student representatives in the universities across the country will be taken for a marketing training course to equip them with the skills needed to promote the new editions in our Red Bull family. They will also get to know more about the Red Bull editions. During the training program, representatives will be giving out teaser details about the products, such as names of the products and flavours on their social media platforms to create buzz. 

On our official social media pages, we will run competitions whereby consumers will have to match the flavours with their can designs and get to win a 6 pack of the flavour they got right. Each of the Red Bull Editions will be revealed per week. This will enable us to get feedback from consumers about their first taste of our new flavours, as they will be required to create a 30 seconds video about their first taste of the revolutionized Red Bull and post it on their social media platforms.

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Red Bull cars will be branded with some of the new editions, t-shirts will also be printed for the representatives. The first part of this quarter focuses on creating the buzz for our amazing 7 Red Bull Editions and the second part will be focused on the actual launch of the new editions which will happen in the area where there is the more enthusiastic for the new editions. Consumers will be asked to include their locations during the competition so that we keep track of their locations. The launch will focus on creating brand experiences and for consumers to learn more about the company. Branded T-shirts, key holders, and water bottles will be distributed at the launch.

The pop-ups will focus on giving consumers more information about the new editions. During the pop-ups, consumers will stand a chance to win some of the new editions, and they will also be sold. Promotions will be mainly based in universities, student residences and in malls to capture a wide range of consumers as the editions are versatile and for everyone and anyone in South Africa. At the university, pop-ups, branded shirts, pens, and notebooks will be handed out to the students.

The products will be displayed in print media, such as magazines and newspapers, billboards on the highway and television with new colourful advertisements using all the colours of the 7 Red Bull Editions. All the advertisements will include a new phrase that will be used only in South Africa “a Red Bull Rainbow for a Rainbow Nation”. At the end of the quarter, teaser information will be distributed on social media platforms about the Red Bull Total Zero and Sugar-Free editions. Celebrities and television personalities will be used to promote the Sugar-Free edition, they will have to post pictures and videos reviewing the product.

Red Bull Total Zero and Sugar-Free editions will be launched in August 2021 in South Africa. These two products will be mainly aimed at health-conscious markets such as fitness fanatics. The representatives will be asked to prepare cocktails using the two products, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The best cocktails will be posted on our social media platforms and the winning recipes will be printed on the first 100 cans of each product. The cocktails will create a new, innovative way of enjoying Red Bull, especially in the hot summer creating a better way to stay hydrated. 

Pop-ups will be done mainly at gyms such as Virgin Active and Planet Fitness, township sports grounds and tournaments to directly reach our main target market for these two products. This also allows the customers to see Red Bull in action and giving them the wings they need to excel. Stalls will be used at the township pops -ups so that we show our customers that our products are for anyone and everyone. Young fitness fanatics will be used in the advertisements of the Sugar-Free and Total Zero editions. Red Bull will also sponsor sporting events in townships as 20 % to 30 % of the total sales from these product lines will be used to fund the sports events. At the end of this quarter, teaser information will be posted for the last edition in our Red Bull family.

The beginning of this quarter focuses on creating buzz for the Organics’ edition, mainly targeted at school children, teenagers, mothers, the elderly, well just about everyone and anyone who wants wings. Ordinary mothers in the townships and suburbs to celebrity mothers and ordinary non-alcoholic citizens will be used for promoting this product line. The mothers will be given the chance to try out the Organics edition during their family times such as lunch or dinner. They will be filmed in the comfort of their homes. 

The launch of the Organics edition will be at a park where families will be having lunch on a Saturday afternoon to reflect how simple it is to customise the Organics range to create amazing experiences for each individual. Representatives will demonstrate how the Organics can be mixed to make exciting, fresh cocktails suitable for the whole family. They will be pop-ups at schools, day-cares, workplaces, elderly homes and universities to expose the product to our targeted consumers. These pop-ups will be aimed more at helping individuals customise their own Organics favourite. 

The products will then be collectively promoted during the holidays in places such as beaches and music events that will be sponsored by Red Bull. These events will focus on making the public see that there are wings for everyone, you just have to choose the “Wings that suit you”. Branded cargo containers will be used as shops during a variety of festive season events, in townships that will be opened 7 days a week, and for 24 hours during weekends. The shops will sell the entire Red Bull product range and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails using Red Bull products as the main ingredient. 

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