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An Experiment Of Building a New Plant

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General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) is a manufacturing company that seeks to expand its operations across the United States by building a new plant. GMFC aims at operating the more than 500 employees in a union-free set-up despite potential threats from United Automobile Workers union (UAW) ,which will attempt to organize the workforce within a year after the new plant begins operations (Arshad et al., 209). However, in order for General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) to ensure that it is successful in operating the new plant union free, it has to undertake various measures that will ensure employee are comfortable with their jobs and overall condition of the workplace in General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) new plant.

For General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) to be successful in getting rid of the need for unions in their new plant, they need to eliminate the need for employees to desire third party representation (Beaumont et al., 810). This is because being anti-union is not a long-term union avoidance strategy, as it will only lead deferment from employees. The first strategy that General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) should employ is ensuring that their supervision is up to the task. As such, the company should train their supervisors to have positive relations techniques with employees. Supervisors are the link between employees and the administration and management of the enterprise. Supervisors need to be confident in their dealings with both the employees and the management without fearing reprimanding from either party.

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Employees need to feel safe and comfortable in their working conditions to get rid of the need for external representation. The management should have an open and frank discussion with employees to determine their needs and make the necessary improvements in their working conditions. The General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) should avoid employee relations errors that may lead to the need for need for forming unions to cater for their plight (Hill 249). The company should also implement human resource policies that would make it difficult for employees to resist them. They should implement policies similar to what unions implement such as the collective bargaining. Collective bargaining means that the organization should consult its employees while making important decisions. It will make employees feel motivated and recognized in the company. It will get rid of the need for forming unions as their issues and concerns will be solved.

General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) should pay its employees a competitive salary similar to what is paid in the industry. The main aim of unions is negotiating for better payment for its employees. As such, paying employees’ salaries and wages similar to or exceed what the industrial unions are negotiating will prevent the need for external support. The location of the new plant will also affect the need for union membership (Kerr 75). General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC) should consider constructing the new plant in an area that has little or no membership. It will make its new employees less willing to join unions due to the lack of access to unions in the region.

The size of the new plant will also determine the need for a union. Large organizations are hard to manage due to a large workforce. As such, the new plant should be relatively large and employ more employees to make it hard for them to form a union. However, the management should ensure that employees are comfortable and satisfied in their workplace to get rid of the need for forming a union. Giving benefits to their employees will be crucial in ensuring the success of the union-free organization. Policies such as merit payment and appropriate performance appraisal measures will be critical in increasing job satisfaction to all employees. Considering employees, preferences will be important in leading to the overall success of the union-free General Materials and Fabrication Corporation (GMFC).


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