An Explanation of the Effects of Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified Foods (GM foods) are foods from plants and animals that have had their DNA edited or changed using the methods of Genetic Modification, therefore living organisms. The aim of these methods is or are to improve the tastes, therefore the qualities of these foods and to as well improve their yield rate such that people and the world at large do not go hungry. The idea of GMOs came as a result of an unpleasant change in the climatic pattern. However, it came as a concern that these changes done to food products had some bad and not only good effects on human health. Products of these foods are said to be the major cause of Cancerous diseases (Mutation).

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One such explanation on Mutation is the development of tumors in people. This is in such a manner that when these foods are consumed by people, they to enter into their bloodstream, where they then cause some of the living cells to genetically change. This changing of genetic materials then results in the body of the host having to uncontrollably produce cells. The reproduction of cells uncontrollably is called Mutation. The cells are then called cancer cells, which, then at some points develop into tumors.

The other type of evidence caused by these engineered foods is the birth disorder called Down syndrome. This is a condition which causes an increase or decrease in the number of chromosome in the human body while at fetus level. A study has proven that babies are born with down syndrome, as a result, their parents who may have consumed food that might have (biology textbook friendly earth.2015 by pollination publishing) contained chemicals especially those present in GMs foods. The symptoms of this condition are; a round face, short toes and fingers, eyes that are facing each other and the present of rickety legs.

The research was done by Shelly Stonebrook. (09 March 2013), shows that there are a lot of possible health risks that could harm a human’s health due to the consumption of GMO foods, some are as follows; allergic reactions and unpredictability and the unknown. Allergic reactions are typically a result of some proteins inserted into the GMO foods. Genetic Modifications have got the consequences of increasing the quantities of natural allergens already present in an organism therefore introduces allergic properties into an organism. Unpredictability and the unknown happens as follows; foreign genetic materials in an organism can cause other genetic materials in that organism to behave unpredictably or uncontrollably. These unusual behaviors of genes can cause some genes in an organism to be overpowered by other genes or be overexpressed, causing wide varieties of reactions within an organism. One of the results of overexpression is cancer and some nutritional problems such as allergies.

However, Dr. Lamaux, P. (2018) argue that genetically modified foods undergo testing for health’s safety and nutrients values. Therefore, these nutritional values of GMO foods are compared against non-GMO foods, thus to clarify any hazardous chemical components between these two kinds food types. In fact, genetic modification is said to improve nutritional values of some foods, such as carrots that can neutralize free radicals which can damage cells, and tomatoes which can reduce risks of prostate cancer in men.

Furthermore, GMO foods have a longer shelf life, thus they do not spoil so early as compared to non-GMO foods. Instead of relying on food preservatives that maintain food freshness while it is put on the shelf, GMO foods make it possible to keep the food fresh for a longer time by maintaining these natural qualities of the food itself. According to Environmental Nutrition, some of the preservatives have got higher levels of carcinogens, heart diseases, and allergy risks. (Crystal, 2014). It is these preservatives that put human lives most at health risks rather than GMO foods.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that, whilst we may appear to be against GMO Foods, we, in one way or another, will not be able to escape from that reality, that without these food products we are dead. Also, as crystal (2014) pointed out, the longer shelf life of GMO foods means a longer time of food availability and a less hungry world. However, one may still suggest that there are lots of solutions these diseases harboring foods-GMO foods. One such person is Stonebrook (2013), who suggests that pressurizing the lawmakers to instruct GMO companies to label their products. Also, we should choose organic foods wherever possible in order to keep ourselves safe from these allergies and other diseases associated with GMO foods. Supporting farms that refuse to grow GMO foods is another way of keeping one’s health from these threatening health problems.


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