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An Ideal Person Who Doesn't Exist in Real Life

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Everyone has his or her own ideal person in one way or another. When most people talk about whom they admire most, it’s usually a person when they hold in false regard and most commonly someone in the public eyes. Without reason whose admiration is unjustified. Then again, it’s all about their own but for me it means something entirely different. The person whom I admire most is Mr. Angel. He is my dream man and I prefer him as the president of our country. Honesty, sincerity, passion, punctuality, self-awareness, and other positive demeanors he carries in his personality and all of these are part of his life.

My ideal person will play a paramount role in every alley of the development of Bangladesh. As our country is venomous and undeveloped country, so it needs a president like Mr. Angel. Firstly, honesty is one of his admirable characters that make him a person of rigid personality. As a leader he’ll do many things namely visiting foreign countries, instilling hope and freedom, providing opportunity, modernizing infrastructure, building new energy sources and so on, in every cases he will not unleash himself beyond honesty. Secondly, sincerity and passion are other important traits of his character that begets him a person of brilliant personality. He will make our country as self-reliant, a terrorism and nepotism free society through his sincerity and passion; furthermore, he will try to turn wheel of fate of the poverty stricken people.

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Thirdly, punctuality and self awareness are the unique features of his personality. Along with his punctuality and self awareness, he will change our country by investing money in agriculture, developing the technical education, solving the basic requirements of life and increasing the rights of women. Mr. Angel says what he means and means what he says. How can anyone rule a country for a group of 163 million people, without having the same beliefs as a majority of the citizens? I say ‘the majority of the citizens’ because there is zero possible way you can get 100% of the population to agree on any given point, there will always be rebels against almost every point. As a president Mr. Angel will try to do everything to make the people happy and prosperous. That’s why I gave him an ideal person’s place in my life. In reality, among human beings no one is 100% perfect and as a perfect man, an ideal person Mr. Angel doesn’t exist in real life


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