An Imaginary Speech of Susan B. Anthony About Herself

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Today I tried to vote in an election for congressman that was open to the public. I started getting questioned so I gave them answers that they wanted to hear. They later had sent a warrant out for my arrest so I made up some excuse that i didn't mean to do it and they put me and the 14 others that I had encouraged to vote in jail. Later I was being tried and charged with voting for a federal officer. I also had to pay a fee of 100 dollars, "Susan was arrested for voting, She was tried and fined $100 which she never paid, people were angry and brought attention to the suffrage movement" (Nancy Hayward). I did not pay that later on. Once I got out of jail I fought harder for the right to vote for women. While fighting for women's right to vote I was getting made fun of. That made me feel upset. There were times when I felt sad because I thought that I wasn't doing anything right.

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I decided to dedicate myself to the women's suffrage movement. I spent many years traveling and giving speeches all over the United States. I tended to stop to give a famous speeches of mine then I continued on my trip around the United States. When I was twenty-eight years old, I attended a women's convention in New York (Hayward).While I was in New York I witnessed others who were trying to start other movements on other issues. In New York, I met a lot of people, some of them were activists and some were just visiting the women's conventions. One person that I met and decided to work with on the women's rights movement was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I traveled with her for 50 years and gave many speeches with her. I had often risked being arrested." ( Hayward)

In younger years of growing up I was being raised on a farm with my seven siblings. We were taught the quaker belief which is that all people are born equal. "Susan was raised on a farm in Massachusetts with seven siblings. Her parents were quakers, and they believed that all people are born equal ( Hayward). I grew up to fight for equal rights for women, while my siblings grew up to fight for the end of slavery "Her siblings grew up to fight for the end of slavery" (Hayward). One of my favorite quotes to say "men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less" (Hayward).I have good self discipline when I am giving speeches I try to organize my thoughts and which order they go in for my speeches ( Hayward). I listened to others and take others suggestions and take them into thought and use it for some of my speeches I give to influence other women to fight for their right to vote. Some women would not listen to the things I had to say regarding women's rights.

When I was traveling I decided to try to give a speech in Albany. "Susan attempted to speak at the temperance meeting in Albany, New York in 1852" ( Amy Tikkanen)While I was in Albany I prompted to form and organize the New York temperance society. While I was in New York I was representing the women in New York who were afraid to speak up, so I told them that I would speak up for them and help them get their opinion out. When they were too afraid to speak up and say what they wanted to say about the women's rights movement. So I tried to speak and I failed to win anyone's attention on the women's rights movement. I even tried organizing something where I could get other women to jump on the bandwagon and join the movement. "Susan was speaking and organizing in 1867, she failed to win the passage of state enfranchisement law" (Tikkanen).

I wrote a book called The Revolution. Which I wrote about women's rights and prohibiting against women dicirimitation in voting. While I was writing the book I was working and representing the working women's association in New York. I worked very hard to get lots of people to help and support the working women's association "Susan represented that working women association of New York" ( Tikkanen). I was planning many events and organizing when they would be going on and where they were being held. I was putting out a bunch of flyers for the events I would plan for in New York.

While I was waiting on people to come and watch many of these great people that were giving or they have already gave their speeches. I was trying to start a labor union (Amy Tikkanen). While I was working with Elizabeth Cady Stanton we had many problems and we would try to solve them on our own. The problems we would face would often set us back but we always found a way to bounce back and keep working on what we were fighting for which was the women's right movement. We are putting multiple ads and flyers to say that we are fighting for women not to be discriminated against for voting. I had created myself a routine that I would then follow for the rest of my life. I never married or had kids because I was so focused on getting women the right to vote.

My parents had kept asking me when was I going to date and I kept telling them soon. I would only tell them soon so that they wouldn't keep asking me because I am so devoted to fighting for women's rights. I had many objectives through my life like lectures, pamphlet subscriptions, and personal papers (Gordon). I would not buy any houses to stay in because i'm always on the move. I never stay in one place for long. I had always found my own ways to support myself in my political career (Gordon). For the next couple of years I was always on the move. One thing that was very important to me was politics (Gordon). I met Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1851 (Gordon). Back when I was growing up most girls didn't get a good education. I was the only person to run a Non-Violence revolution. Another one of my favorite quotes is "women must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself" (Women In History-Susan B Anthony).

When I got to Utah, I was very happy to grant women the right to vote, they were very excited to hear that I was able to grant them the right to vote. While I was in Utah I made lots of new friends and formed some great friendships. One of the great friendships is with Emmeline B. Wells.

After some disappointing news I decided to regain my focus on the women's suffragist movement. I decided to continue my fight for women's rights to vote. I had wrote a petition, but it was rejected (Susan B Anthony). I have tried to get people to understand why i'm fighting for equal rights for women, but they wouldn't listen. Some of the people would listen to me but then others would just walk by ignoring the things I was saying. I got made fun of. People started to graffiti my work and that made me a little upset to see people destroy other people's hard work. All I can do about it is just ignore it and keep my head up high and keep fighting for what I believe in.

When I found out that the American Equal Rights Association dropped their vote for the Women's Suffrage campaign I felt let down (Susan B Anthony). I thought I was starting to win people vote to get the Women's Suffrage Movement onto the ballot. I thought that I was starting to make their choice on whether women should be able to vote and be able to be on the ballot. I have been focused on my battle for women's right to vote for an incritate 45 years. My logic was based on the 14th Amendment. Which the Amendment had stated that all persons born and naturalized in the United States and are citizens of the United States. I have reasoned that I that since I am a woman that I should be allowed to vote (Kratz).

Throughout my years of fighting for women's rights I had given 75-100 speeches. I began my activism by working on abolishing slavery just like my siblings had before me. Back when I was in Utah, I had the women send me a black silk dress in appreciation for getting them the right to vote (Kratz). Before I started fighting for women's rights I was teaching in district schools and private academies and families for 10 years. Before I started fighting for women's rights. When I was arrested, I took the opportunity to broadcast what had happened to me when I voted illegally in a ballot. Anytime I would say what happened I had more listeners. They would just keep tuning in on my broadcast. I even often had some state officials listen in on my broadcast when I would tell my story. When I was telling my story I told my audience that I took the first chance I got to prove my point to vote. I was slowly making progress towards getting women to vote.

Back when I was traveling I would meet a lot of people who wanted the same rights I was fighting for. Many of them offered to help. I told them that they could help me spread the word by making posters, flyers, and putting it in newspapers. I often avoided going to my parents because they would pester me about finding a husband. I would always tell them that I will find one after I'm done fighting for the right to vote.

Soon enough I never found anyone because I dedicated my whole life to fighting for women's rights. When I was starting to lose hope I heard that they were going to finally make the right to vote an Amendment. I got really happy but at the same time I was a little upset. It took them all this time and me constantly making big deals, campaigns to get women the right to vote. As I was fighting for women's right to vote politics became an important part in my life for 4 decades.

My life became easier when I found out that they were finally making the right to vote an Amendment. I have paved the way for the 19th Amendment. But I could not have done it without Elizabeth Cady Stanton by my side helping me with my campaigns and my speeches. She had also helped me get other women to understand why I was fighting for women's right to vote. We had struggled for equality in increasing political temperance movement (Gordon). We had held campaigns that were called bloomers (Gordon).

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