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An Impact Of GMOs And Organic Food On Our Health

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Throughout history humans have found their way to change their destiny, to the point of modifying food. This could have impactful consequences, because as the old saying says “You are what you eat”. Therefore we have to be careful what enters our body because eating is all about balance, so eating healthy takes a lot of responsibility and knowledge. When looking through the supermarket or your favorite grocery store there is a broad selection of products to decide which is the best fit for your diet and which one brings you optimus development for your healthy life. Right now there are two important types of food, organic and GMOs, both can be outstanding for your health likewise they could be harmful in many other aspects of life.

Since technology appeared, humans have had many benefits and development in their daily life. Importantly, humans now have the opportunity to modify what they eat and its nutritious values. These modified foods are called genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and have revolutionized the world economically, nutritionally and technologically. Even though GMOs are believed to be a perfect food, there is a lot of controversy regarding if GMOs are harmful or if they are extremely better for your body. People are skeptical because of how they are obtained, a GMO undergoes a procedure where its DNA is modified to obtain a certain characteristic, trait or flavor. Its DNA is combined with a gene from a virus, bacteria or other organism. This led people to believe they were harmful, regardless scientist and authorities like The Conversation writes that “Genetic modification can certainly be used in the fight to make crops more disease resistant” (2017) making this procedure an excellent production system for a continuous growing population, like ours in the 21st century. Also this procedure takes less economic resources to produce and no pesticides are needed, making it friendly for the environment. Mainly GMOs are know because of their rich nutrients and minerals, thanks to this procedure food can know supply big amounts of nutrients for a someone who has deficiency in vitamins, minerals or proteins.

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On the contrary, as technology advances, groups of people and scientists have boycotted in a harsh way GMOs and believe organic food is the best for your bodies. Organic food refers to food that is mainly produce with the typical organic farming and it is extracted only from natural resources around the world, without the use of synthetic fertilizers. The procedure of organic food is dainty and requires lot of labor, but the result is gratifying. Not only the procedure is safe for the environment but also you support local communities and local farming by buying organic food. The Help Guide points out that “one of the primary benefits of eating organic is lower levels of pesticides. However, despite popular belief, organic farms do use pesticides the difference is that they only use naturally-derived pesticides” thanks to this most of the organic products most of time come fresher and richer in certain nutrients than most of other products modified in certain ways. Fortunately, the lower use of pesticides, does not create strong and super-resistant insects or bugs affecting humans, animals and other crops.

Given these points, GMOs and Organic food both can be a great alternative for a safer environment that does not use strong pesticides that damage your body. They are a way to develop a healthy diet because eating both in balance can give a huge amount of nutrients or minerals. Taking into account that both have revolutionized food production, even though they take different amount of time to produce, both have the ability to attract different big groups of people interested in the best economic way to proceed to food production or even a group interested in a healthy diet.

It is up to each person to decide which is the best for their diet, organic food gives you a total clean food and transparency of how it was made, GMO give you a specific amount of the nutrients you need and want, but you do not know how or what gene was modified. Definitely both can level up your healthy lifestyle, but only having extremes quantities of one type of food could have harmful consequences.


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