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An Impact Of Government On World Civilization

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The government makes mistakes because it is quick to overestimate the benefits of some law and minimize or totally ignore the costs and intended results. Government officials, lacking any feedback circle, rarely correct their mistakes. The result will always be repetition of such mistakes again and again. This essay is about the mistakes made by the government that are destructive to our civilization and way of life. The essay explains the frustrations that the people go through due to mistakes made by the government in different sectors.

Errors from the government on health care tax forms will affect a large number of people who have not completed their tax returns. It will be great trouble to the people when the government issues misleading information on health care tax. Such an error from the government may affect a lot of persons receiving subsidized health coverage through the different insurance markets. The governments running their own insurance exchanges also get into trouble when misleading information is issued on tax-forms. In a blog of news and insight, the consumers got frustrated when the United States with Barack Obama as the president sent wrong information that the consumers had to complete their 2014 tax returns. The same consumers later received emails advising them to delay filing the forms till the mistake is corrected. (Alonso-Zaldiva, 2015)

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Such errors from the government normally begin as comedy from the start but they end up leading to more mistakes that also affect the people. When the same errors in health care persist, they will be a financial issue more so to the people, who may end up paying extra costs. Errors on health care sector by the government will lead to technological challenges if not solved in good time. Health insurance programs will be at a state of confusion with the people’s programs being interrupted. Consumers will end up filing their taxes at the last minute hence affecting their routine. The government’s mistakes on health care could also expose the citizens to tax penalties that the law levies on people who remain uninsured but can afford health coverage.

In addition, the errors from the government will result to a lot of time wasted by consumers who spend their time on phones, trying to solve issues with their insurers. The enrollment errors could be a serious trouble to consumers who waste the time they could have used to develop economically. If the government does not solve the mistakes, the people will end up leading a life full of sufferings as compared to the good life they led before.

Arrogance from ministers and senior government officials is a direct way of creating mistakes in the government’s activities. Promoting different ethnic cultures to mingle freely without political or social policies is a major mistake that the government may make. Promoting division within the society and allowing people to come from any part of the world is a blunder that cannot be easily corrected.

Allowing people to come into a country in large numbers, without advising them to learn the language used by the people is a mistake that will bring trouble to the natives of the country. For instance, when the United States of America allows people to immigrate in large numbers without integrating into the countries culture and way of life, it will lead to a state of confusion in The United States of America, especially to the people. The immigrants will want to take over whole parts of the towns and cities and make the nation diverse. The people of The U.S.A will be greatly interrupted by those who are immigrating into the country without restrictions. Their peace and ways of earning a living will be totally interfered with by the new inhabitants. In a newspaper article from an Australian magazine, news has it that teachers have a hard task understanding how language works in the teaching and learning of English. Experts indicate in the newspaper that the high rate of immigration into the country is the major cause of confusion in the education sector of the country. (Ferrari, 2015)

Errors made by the government in the immigration sector will lead to poor education quality in the whole state. Those who immigrate into the country may end up being teachers without understanding the language used perfectly. For one to teach others in a classroom, good understanding of the official language used is important.

In an online blog, about the United Kingdom government, the subject of concern is the several mistakes committed by the British government to the people over the decades. The blog clearly illustrates the painful walk that the civil servants went through as a result of politician’s arrogance. Several services such as issuance of identification cards were delayed because of errors made by the people in the government. The errors also led to increased spending of citizen’s money on programs which was not planned for. (Normington, 2014)

An error by the government that would have a great impact on the people is failure by the same government to disclose important information to its citizens. For example, when the state government fails to reveal some hospital errors to the public, the people will not be able to thoroughly research the conditions of a hospital before visiting. Such an error by the government will result to a lot of trouble to the persons visiting such hospitals. Firstly, the number of deaths due to the government’s ignorance will increase. It is the loved ones of the dead that will face the suffering. Such deaths that are as a result of carelessness will lead to increased poverty level in the country since the breadwinners may be the ones who will succumb to the infections.

In a Times Magazine from the United States of America, data on some conditions in a hospital such as the rate of infectious diseases contacted after surgery were not disclosed to the public. The data was provided on a less accessible spreadsheet that later disappeared. (Hellmann, 2014) Such errors by federal governments may be the beginning of all problems, especially to the young generation.

Errors emerging from social media are another source of trouble to citizens in the future, if not solved. Developing a good social media policy for the country is important in minimizing risks and helping citizens understand the approach to social. The government makes mistakes when it fails to indicate who is responsible for what duty. The errors made by government in social media will eventually cause trouble to the people, who may not be aware of the government’s roles.

In conclusion, it is not too easy for the government to make mistakes that result in public suffering and embarrassment. But it is not hard to avoid the tragedy that results from the mistakes .Government reforms would be significant in solving all the problems related to taxes and budgeting hence reducing the trouble caused to the people.


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