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An Importance Of Creation Of Proper Schooling

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Presently, education and proper schooling especially in regions where education is limited, or far worse, completely unavailable, have become hot topics that have garnered mass media attention and indicates the state of world affairs. Especially in certain regions in the world, literacy rates, graduation rates, and job growth with respect to the rising standards of employment, are in steep decline. Noticeably, there has been an escalation in drop-out rates and general underperformance of students in all areas of study, however there is a larger context wherein these statistics are recorded. Oftentimes students find themselves in a learning environment inconducive to scholasticism and open-mindedness, and as such this atmosphere leads students to leave school typically after high school, though it’s not unheard of for drop-outs to occur prior to. Even the basic freedom of self-expression is curbed within centers of education, as dress codes are often upheld, anything controversial is most likely restricted, and student obedience to school authorities must be unquestionable. Consequently, such harsh disciple and hypocrisy lead to the death of cultivation for a love of learning, while a politically correct environment staves off personal opinions and freethought for the sake of respecting other sensibilities, a detriment to the individual student’s growth and maturity as an educated citizen of the world.

Long-term, the goal should be to reevaluate and scrap the old system of student oppression that has led to such a high undergraduate drop-out rate. The uneducated will be outperformed by their educated counterparts and wind up scraping from the bottom of the proverbial barrel, whereas those with higher education will be in a better position to succeed in any and all areas of life. Cultivating a love for learning in young people is rather hard enough as it is, much less so in an institutional setting. Therefore, it is imperative that certain institutional reforms be put into practice in order to prevent students from retiring their education early en masse. By enlivening school curriculums with more fun-oriented exercises, ridding schools of such unreasonable standards in order to be considered for academic excellence, and recreating school environments in such a way that it will be more favorable to young students to grasp the material, but more importantly, they enjoy it and carry it with them in their daily lives. On that note, teachers and other professionals in a school setting must be role models for the pupils and set an example of proper behavior within the parameters of an education institution. However, there are exceptions to the rule with a burgeoning problem in bullying, fistfights, and the spike in school shootings that have claimed hundreds of lives in recent history. Fear for one’s life and safety, especially in traditionally safe spaces such as a school, have led to nationwide protests and walk-outs as schools implement punitive measures, but to no avail. Arguably, schools need to do more to ensure the safety of their students and applaud them for taking matters into their own hands instead of jeering the crowds for politicizing their unexemplary behavior.

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On the other hand, there’re also inherent problems with harsh disciple and hypocrisy of the systems of education that often contributes to students falling through the cracks and which normally concludes with a student’s expulsion or drop-out. Harsh punishment, which typically consists of extensive detention, or bans from attending school-sponsored events which may sometimes include graduation ceremonies. Regardless of the case, schools should reconsider their punitive methods in favor of using situations to as teachable moments to correct inappropriate behavior, which could avoid any buildup of resentment on the part of the student and lead to further issues down the road. Alongside this is the hypocrisy of the educators and the rigged system which afford more privilege and opportunity for those of higher socioeconomic standing than those on the lower-end of the spectrum. From the perspective of the school, administrations tend to have a more analytical approach to education and tend to focus all their efforts on the percentage of the with high GPAs, test scores, in-school behavior etc., and neglecting those that don’t fit the mold of what it means to be a good student. While “No Child Left Behind” is all well-and-good in theory, statistical While claiming to promote education equality and open accessibility/availability of education, educational institutions as a whole pool their resources into alumni that have stronger chances of success and acclaim and build the reputation of the school. But from the point-of-view of the students, there is a systemic problem with stifling a student’s innate creativity and leanings towards the humanities so that by encouraging students to look into STEM-related subjects and foster an environment that breeds potential doctors and scientists. Graduates that go on to lead successful live, publicly and financially, then serve as the local ads for the school through word-of-mouth, with families and friends go on to register their kids for the same school etc. When all is said and done, the only way institutions of learning can retain their show care and concern for each and every one of their students, and readily ensure that a supermajority of their students are on track for their studies and will succeed in the given curriculum.

At the end of the day, schools must learn themselves from the lessons in their own past and apply them to the cultivation of a learning environment conducive to a higher estimate in a student’s learning curve and the full benefits that come with knowledge and the bundles of information stored and processed by students on a regular basis. Schools were originally intended to have been places for kids to have fun experiences while simultaneously learning all there is to know about the world around us. It is high time that we return to that model of education and put students before the ingrained self-interest of the education system.


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