An Importance of Emotional Management


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Emotional management refers to the potentiality by an individual to control their feelings. It’s a skill that to should be acquired by a leader to avoid the adverse effects of anger or being over joyous. For emotional management to be effective, a leader has to be capable of evaluating his thoughts and change them to suit the audience even though their principles and feelings may have been invoked. Moreover, emotional management is a real test of leadership skills. Leaders are bound to assert law and order in times of high emotions that if not contained may affect the well-being of their subjects. Current leaders in the business and political world have a huge effect when it comes to their emotional intelligence management skills.

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One key leader is Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Recently he was summoned by Congress to explain why Facebook had used personal information of its clients to mine data and used the resulting information for advertisements. In the company’s defense and as much as most of the questions we note clear and that direct, Mark reevaluated his response in such a way that he tried to paraphrase the questions and then answering them most appropriately. This is a primary way of emotional management. His responses showed leadership and maturity. As a consequence, his net worth after the summon increased by a whopping three billion dollars (Scott, 2018).

The lack of emotional management has consequences. Donald Trump, the USA President, failed significantly to show emotional intelligence ones when he branded Mexicans as individuals with lots of problems, criminals, drug dealers and rapists (Stephen,2017). This utterance was received with world condemnation of the president and an apology sort. Of importance to note, however, was the way law-abiding Mexicans responded. They expressed shock and felt discriminated. President Trump should have exercised emotional management and realigned his feeling about Mexico in a way that could not rattle the law-abiding Mexicans.

One of the best ways is not to react immediately. A customer may be carried away due to what he or she considers frustrations and respond irrationally. This, in turn, may rub the leader in the wrong way. Learning not to react immediately helps to master emotional control. Taking a deep breath and allowing the customer to come down as you take time to respond will work magic in solving the situation but importantly in managing a leader’s emotions (Edelman and Knippenberg, 2017). A similar approach can be used in the case of an employee who lacks emotional intelligence and becomes unprofessional.

Another way a leader should handle lack of emotional intelligence is by focusing on the ultimate goal. Handling the situation with the end in mind is a perfect way to manage emotions. It begins with questioning oneself what should be the outcome of all this. Being able to see the positive and negative side of the situation will efficiently guide a leader to control their emotions as well as those of a customer or an employee. As such, a leader should see past the current situation and work towards the outcome of the present case.

Lastly, a leader can handle lack of emotional intelligence by reevaluating one’s actions on a regular basis. In most cases, some triggers cause one to lack emotional control (Edelman and Knippenberg, 2017). Being aware of such cause, for example, accepting that occasionally a customer may be the cause, and you are unable to control their actions, then a leader may devise ways to manage the customer. In case of an employee reevaluating what caused them to react in the way they did is vital and a leader should work towards eliminating such causes.

To sum it up, emotional management can build or destroy any situation. By looking at the two scenarios discussed above of Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg, their emotional control or lack thereof have far-reaching effects on their subjects. As such learning to master the art of emotional management either by taking time to react, focusing on the outcome or reevaluating the emotional triggers will go a long way in building a leader.

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