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An Importance of Good Parenting

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So what is youth? Youth is a state of being young in life or the period of existence preceding maturity or infancy to manhood.

Then behavior is a manner of acting or controlling yourself, it is however an attitude towards human counterpart. while anti social behavior is any sort of behavior that goes against the norms that society has placed or approved.

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Having defined the keys words in the topic. I will like to delve into the parentage contribution to anti social behavior in our society.

Early exposure of children to television: in Nigeria, television has become a key item in almost Every house, this as a result of speedy technological growth in all over the world. However, as a children, we like tuning our TV to aggressive channel or american show where arms and ammunition are employ against their counterpart, thereby exposing young children to violence behavior. And since children are endowed with photographic brain, they tend to imitate the model watched on TV in dealing with their counterpart in the real world whenever the situation arises. Having exposed to this at the tender age , the children when growing up they will feel to identify themselves in the society as the aggressive model watched on TV, which eventually lead to societal unrest. This might lead to crime or thuggery.

poverty: inability of the parent to have four square meal completed a day or buying of necessary things for their children due to economy incapability , might lead to anti social behavior in the society. Living youth to engage in stealing, joining bad club,the genesis of anti social behavior.

Broken home: the domestic rift among parents which is mostly lead to conflict or divorce is another parentage factor that culminated to youth anti social behavior. In this situation, most of the young people are no longer under the caring of their parents especially mother, who by common knowledge the first teacher of a child. Since father by nature are known for societal sit tight. So how do you expect such a child under the control of such a father to have proper caring and training on how to conform with good attitudinal manner. And through this upbringing many youth are outside there commuting vices.

More so, anti social behavior is also cause by bad company keeping by youth: most of the parents , especially in Nigeria persey are not care about those people their children are rolling with in the society . And show me your friend and I will show whom you are., says an adage. It’s the duty of parent to monitor and watch the kind of friends their children are rolling with so as to prevent bad influence from bad minded friends.: This is another causes of anti social behavior which degenerating from unkempt company.

To cap it up, parental behavior is another factor causing social vices among young youth of today. Science has proved that , every individual in one way or the other will be influenced by both parents behavior, whether the person like it or not .

Because they are the engineering that shape our behavior at first stage of our life. So parental behavior is among the factor lead to anti social behavior l, says those parents misused their youth .

Conversely, despite the fact that parents are contributing greatly to the anti social behavior , the children themselves are to some extent causing social vices themselves.

Therefore, I urge everybody to clean their house before cleaning society.


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