An Importance of Leadership in Business

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An Importance Of Leadership in Business

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Section I

Leadership refers to a practical skill of influencing the right motive to the people to get work done in an exceptional manner (Dubrin, 2004, p. 12). Individuals that practices leadership skills are generally termed as leaders. Therefore, to achieve an effective leadership within a healthcare organization, the leaders ought to be competent enough in their areas of management. Leadership is a managerial role that aims at achieving efficient and effective teamwork personnel that is committed to the operational and strategic organization’s goals. This discussion aims at developing an effective leadership development plan that is applicable and efficient in healthcare setting or organization.

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As a leader, I am confined within strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is my duty to maximize on the yields of strengths, exploit the available opportunities intensively as well as intervene on the prevailing threats and weaknesses. Strengths in leadership are all positive factors that promote an effective leading within the organization. As a leader to a healthcare organization, competence in my field of expertise, personal traits, and availability of the required resources within the organization forms the basic part of my strengths (Center for Creative leadership, 2011, p. 6).

On the hand, poor communication, staffs’ resistance to organizational change, incompetent subordinates, poor team-building skills, lack of emotional intelligence, and poor planning skills forms the weaknesses to my effective leadership role in a healthcare organization. Opportunities are the available factors in a functional role that could be worked on to elevate effective delivery of a duty. To my case of leadership within a healthcare setting, the available opportunities includes; social change, training facilities, sufficient finances, as well enough room of organizations expansion (Association of Schools of public health, n.d).

Threats on the other hand refer to all uncertainties that affect effective implementation of organization leadership roles. Some of threats that surround my leadership role includes; the unpredictable future demographic and economic conditions, natural disasters, technological dynamics and redundancy following socio-cultural practices.

Section II

In order to develop on an effective leadership plan, I ought to maximally exploit his or her prevailing strengths. A personal trait such as ease to get along with different characters of individual is very significant for the successful leadership. One of my most applicable leadership skills is the emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence refers to the leader’s ability to create the most appropriate emotions and motives for communication of information or training of a policy to his or her subordinates. Leaders that are well-competent in emotional acumen, stand a high chance of influencing the right motives to the staffs (Rabarison, 2012, p. 11).

Leader’s professional competence is a functional strength that cannot be underestimated at any chance. Skillful leading entails effective change resistance techniques and timeliness. In most cases, the staffs in a healthcare setting tend to be resistance to change in the technological professional and social dynamics (Centre for Creative leadership, 2011, p. 9). As a competent leader therefore, I’m always on my toes to ensure quick implementation of the current changes so as to be in line with the prevailing technological and demographic conditions.

Organizational competencies sources such as room for expansion and sufficient resources for research play a vital role in ensuring and effective leadership. As a leader, I ought to maximally exploit organizations strengths in improving the quality of services delivered to the patients in a healthcare setting. A leader should utilize the available resources in ensuring adequate training of the staffs on issues pertaining the organizations changes and professional dynamics. Also, good employees’ remuneration and terms of work assist on elevating staffs morale. Effective planning results in efficient use of the resources. As leader, I ensure effective leadership roles through allocating the available team of workers realistic and achievable goals (Turning point, n.d). Setting goals that are not well planned could result in failed leadership with a healthcare organization.

Politics determines not only the economic conditions of a state but also, its social wellbeing. To ensure efficient leadership within the organization, I have deployed non-political environment within the place of work. As a leader, I ought to be politically competent not to create bring staff disunity at the place work through political conflicts since different people have political opinions.

Some healthcare organizations are privileged in various compared to others. For instance, some organizations have adequate financial resources and rooms for expansion unlike other organization. Every rational leader within an organization should ensure maximum utility of the available opportunities within the organization. To ensure effective leadership, a leader ought to avail all the required resources to the staffs for their ample form utility. Threats on the hand calls for a thorough analysis of the past organization’s risk management trends for effective planning (Dubrin, 2004, p. 31). Following the past experiences, leaders are able to efficiently plan for any probable misfortunes in the future.

In conclusion, an effective leadership calls for a good communication as well as a skillful competence in team building. Leaders who have in-depth knowledge of their team members are able to influence the right and viable motives to their subordinates.

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