An Importance of Proper Gap Analysis

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While planning to improve the overall performance and outcomes of a project, one of the most important considerations to make is evaluate the employees’ performance as well as the performance of the whole Project. A gap analysis helps to establish the gaps within the Project that affect the overall performance of the staff. A proper gap analysis is therefore imperative for a project as it helps to establish the cause of certain problems hence a proper plan of action is executed to salvage the situation. A good gap analysis also helps to establish the aspects that affect a patient as well as the medical practitioners. Ones the gaps are established, the project coordinators are able to benchmark some of the relevant aspects that can improve on performance of its staff. It also establishes if there is need for additional training for employees in order to meet the intended standards. This form of analysis often happens when new technologies are implemented or when there a change in strategy of performing tasks.

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An Evidence-based project is a judicious and careful us of evidence to determine the best clinical expertise best for a patient depending on the patient’s condition. There are a number of conditions where (EBP) is uses especially heart diseases, asthma and diabetes. A gap analysis therefore becomes extremely important in such a project since it helps to collect as much information from the patient as possible. With the information, medical practitioners evaluate the best mode of treatment that the patient should get. A gap analysis also helps the medical practitioners to establish some practices that have proven not to be helpful while treating a certain disease.

Importance of Gap analysis in strategic planning

One of the key tasks of gap analysis is establishing a performance map for individual employees of an organization. By so doing, the management is able to tell the behavior of different employees and at the same time measure their productivity in the organization. A blue print of every employee is then created and compared against other employees (Brethrower & Kaufman, 2016). This is an effective way of establishing how an employee’s behavior can affect their performance and at the same time establish the sources of certain gaps on the average performance of the establishment.


It is important to conduct a gap analysis often in order to remain relevant within a competitive business environment. Performance gap analysis plays a major role in enhancing the competitiveness and effectiveness of a project. This is because one project can benchmarks what other projects have accomplished and incorporate the strategies to their performance to. An organization is also able to eliminate the unproductive employees and replace them with employees who can deliver the project’s goals.

Performance hap analysis plays an integral part in strategic planning based on the results that it generates. It determines the course of action that the management should take based on the results they get (Program, 2010). A gap analysis determines whether new equipment should be acquired or should the staff receive additional training. It also determines if there are certain members of staff who should be replaced. This shows that the performance gap analysis plays a very crucial role in strategic planning which alternatively makes a huge impact on the performance of a project. After the changes recommended from the first gap analysis are implemented, it is important for coordinators to conduct a follow-up gap analysis to evaluate whether remedies for the identified gaps were effective (Franklin, 2015).

A gap analysis gives the project’s decision makers an insightful and comprehensive overview of particular functions that should be reviewed. With the insightful information, the directors are able to execute informed changes within the organization in order to realign a project to its goals (Steiner, 2014). A performance gap analysis is therefore an important tool in nursing that helps medical practitioners to establish their priorities guided by correct data about their patients, employees and their operation; hence the aftermath is a highly competitive and successful project.

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