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An Importance Of Zero Tolerance

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Zero Tolerance

Laws of any country are set and documented to be adhered to as well as to help in controlling human behavior for smooth running of the government. Any law has to be enforced by the concerned government to have members of society who act in a well-organized manner. The general public under any authority are expected abide by the laws of the land and failure to that, the police department comes in to contain any violation of the law. Enforcement of zero tolerance policy is one of most critical which involve automatic punishment for any offense or violation of a particular rule. Zero tolerance helps in curbing more infractions since every citizen stands equal chances of the punishment regardless of the gender, race or even the social status (Punch 10). Therefore, I belief that it is necessary for police to apply zero tolerance rules.

Counter Argument

Many people feel that zero tolerance rule lacks flexibility, and is not conducive for the society. They feel that it compromises work trusted for the police to protect the community, and they turn out to be violent or brutal to suspects thus should not be applied on several types of crimes. Also, critics argue that the use of zero tolerance rule prompts law enforcers to treat suspects and the members of the public in an unfriendly way thus refuting the use of zero tolerance rule. However, application of zero tolerance for any violation of rules curbs the repetition of that offense in the future and hence thus reducing the rates at which rules are violated within the society (Jones, &Newburn, 142).

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My Arguments

Helps in reducing practices related to illegal drugs

Zero tolerance play a significant role in enforcing laws regarding the fight against the issue of narcotics and drug abuse menace. Various police officers have been involved in the war against drugs where the primary users are hardcore criminals and are therefore forced to apply force. Applying of zero tolerance rules helps in paralyzing the drugs market and manufacturing industries. Thus, many people will, therefore, be afraid of indulging in the use of illegal drugs or in any business of these drugs (Mark & Comas 23). Hence, the necessity for application of zero tolerance.

Helps in dealing with issues of sexual harassment and racism in the society

Sexual harassment such as rape cases need strict enforcement of the law to reduce this cases in places like school or workplace where people spend most of their productive time during the day. Issues of racism also arise in the same institutions, and zero tolerance is necessary to create the fear of people being fired from their jobs if they are found guilty of either sexual harassment or racism offenses. This enhances social welfare and respect amongst individuals in the society (Nelson, 12).

Helps in curbing violation of traffic rules

Numerous people have lost their lives while others suffer severe injuries due to poor driving and ignorance on road rules and regulations. Therefore applying zero tolerance with prompt individuals to be keener on road traffic rules to avoid be severely punished by the law enforcers. The highest numbers of accidents are as a result of the drivers’ ignorance of roads signs and other regulations. A strict enforcement of a law against driving under the influence of alcohol with zero tolerance would reduce number of accidents occurrence (Publications, 259).


Any form of crime in our society is a drawback of our social, political and economic status. The law is there to give guidance and control to our daily behaviors and activities. Therefore, to ensure that these laws are followed to the latter as well as reducing the rates of offenses in the society, striker ways of enforcing the law should be applied such as zero tolerance.


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