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An Important Contribution Of Social Media

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Technology has continuously evolved as generations have changed. In today’s world social networking sites have begun to play a bigger role in many lives across the nation. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, bridge the gap of communication for both young and old alike. They have become a faster way to communicate, as well as facilitating face to face interactions with others. Social media webpages have also become a beneficial tool for professional reasons. That is why social networking sites have become a virtuous benefit to society today.

Most social media sites are made with the intentions to facilitate face to face interactions and build relationships with others. It is not uncommon to find that many social events are promoted through social media and many technologies. Facebook, one of the major social media websites, has become the newest way for many businesses to advertise events and promotions that they may be having. According to Wagar Hassan, face book customers are able to “’directly contact and gain knowledge’” from businesses through their personal face book accounts (Hassan1). This allows for a business to have a personal connection with its customers, so that they may express concerns and gratitude. It is also an advantage to the business, as that it plays its part in helping the company grow. Social media can also help coordinate business gatherings and meetings. Betsy Zikakis writes, that social media sites have begun to “’ transform’” the way meetings are marketed and executed (Zikakis 1). They continue to advance the way society conducts itself.

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The benefits of social media also includes the spread information much faster throughout the world. Much of the world’s news is gathered through many social media sites. Individuals will find out about a major incident through a social media site before they will through a media outlet. According to Amy Mitchell social individuals are more likely to check a site for new information then they are to check a news media outlet (Mitchell 1). On average many social media users are active members and constantly are checking their page for new and updated information. Amy also mentions that Facebook and Twitter have become the new pathway to news worldwide. Many individuals use social media sites as an outlet to let others known of important things happening in theory lives. A couple who, have recently engaged, may announce via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to friends of this important event happening in their lives. It then becomes a way to allow others to indulge in the happiness of others and the positive things they are experiencing.

Social media sites can also promote a positive influence amongst its many users. They can help facilitate a positive change or movement for active users on the site. Information form reads that social media can “’popularize and promote’” positive activities and economic changes that may be occurring (Proton.org1). It can encourage its users to become active and grow throughout their own community. Social media allows for users to create groups on line for positive causes. Karen Goldberg validates social media influences when she writes that, “awareness can also be raised with the help of Facebook likes”(Goldberg1). Using social media allows for a follower to promote its cause to any and anyone.

Although social media has many benefits there are those that are willing to argue different. Someone of the opposing side might argue that social media websites can enable the release of unreliable or false information. They may also argue that social media lacks privacy and can expose private and personal information to unwanted predators. Opposes will also argue that social media sites can cause stress in offline relationships and friendships. They may also argue that social media makes young adolescence lazy and unsociable with one another. However this is never the case, in fact social median does the exact opposite of what the opposing side believes.

Social media websites have been a moving force in today’s society. Allowing for individuals to spread information, reconnect with others, and build new relationships. They have become a vital importance to life and the everyday routines of individuals everywhere. They have become the new way of communicating and will continue to evolve the technologies of many generations. They also help to gain knowledge from across the world in an instant, while bridging the gap of communication between nations. Social networking are of great importance and will continue to further the evolution of technology.


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