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An Inclusive Educational System

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The general perception of education is to instruct all learners with the aim that they will have a change in knowledge, behaviour, belief, and attitude, achieve to the maximum and eventually contribute to the development of the society. Based on its belief “that education is a human right,” UNESCO has been given the mandate to “ensure inclusive and quality education for all….” From time to time educators encounter students with a physical, sensory or intellectual impairment which impede their ability to learn and interfere with optimal school performance. Educators are therefore encouraged to create an environment that is conducive to providing effective learning, improving children’s behavior and prevent barriers that hinder students with disability to successfully learn in the general education classroom. These barriers may be social and cultural, emotional and present themselves in the student’s learning skills, learning experience and the personal issues that affect their learning. From the last module I discovered that research conducted shows that being in an inclusive classroom helps the student with a disability and does not hurt the nondisabled students. As a professional practitioner in inclusive special education through the review of the literature this paper aims to discover what experts are saying about barriers that are hindering students with a disability to progress effectively and equitably; and to provide the author with a sense of significance concerning her research.

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Cultural and Social Barriers

Successful learning is essentially impacted by the social interaction and the beliefs held. The education of special needs students in an inclusive setting requires social interaction with peers in an effort to solve problems and find solutions. Collaborative learning with their peers in constructing knowledge is important since according to (Lamport et. al 2012) students learning in the classroom should be cognitive and behavioural. The article continues to emphasise the importance of observational learning theory where it suggests that students embrace the culture that surrounds them. The author concurs with (Lamport et al 2012 pg. 58) who says, “students who have positive feeling about their classes will be more likely to be motivated and put forth good effort on assignments thus increasing academic achievement.” The practitioner in inclusive special education should model the strong desire to learn and encourage children to do the same, thus helping them to develop that desire for learning and retaining information.

Emotional Barriers

Having a sense of belonging, that relationship with parents, having their lower level needs met, feeling safe and accepted in the classroom (McLeod 2016) by teachers and peers is extremely important to the ability to learn. . Students who have trouble containing their emotions tend to get into trouble because of their behaviour and are more likely to have poor marks. Low skills levels, undiagnosed or unaddressed disabilities, may contribute to students lacking self-esteem or confidence because they have not received the encouragement from their parents, teachers and peers.

Personal Barriers

Some students may experience negative personal experience of learning due to their disability. The education of special needs students in an inclusive setting requires specialists, additional staff and specialized resources to fully support students’ needs. Inadequate funding will therefore hinder the professional development that is needed to inform and update specialists and classroom teachers on the current and best practices of inclusion. It therefore follows that a lack of information will very possibly lead to misinformation and an increase in negative attitudes and stereotyping. If these attributes exist in the teacher, then he or she will have low expectations of the students, and consequently the students will be likely to receive an unsatisfactory inclusive education. Additionally there can be the issue of accessibility. How can a student benefit from the inclusive classroom if the student cannot access the classroom? This particularly affects students who are physically or visually challenged and have been included in schools that do not have elevators, ramps, paved pathways or lifts. The facilities within the classroom must be outfitted with infrastructure that would meet the students’ individual needs.


Although the goal of education is to ensure that all children learn in an inclusive classroom students may encounter cognitive, behavioural and personal barriers that may hinder them from learning. advocacy in the inclusive classroom individualized, specialized attention expertise, time to adequately cater to the needs of the special needs’ students. funding, mis-information, accessibility, educational modifications and co-operation Teachers should also be flexible and creative enough to differentiate lessons and activities in the inclusive classroom.

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