An Individual Should Break Free from Society

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Andrew Marvell’s “The Garden”, published in Miscellcenous Poems (1681), presents the idea of solidarty in the beauty and tranquilty of a garden; evoking a sense of purtity which can only be found in islaotion and in a garden. This theme of solitude is evident throughtout the passage and was also an important convetion in Marvell’s outlook towards the development of the metaphysical soul, and is also present in many of his other works. The passage narrates a strong desire linked with intellectual development of an individual. 

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The significance of intellectual development and nature in the poetic mind becomes constant becoming almost sentimental. During the seventineeth century there was an emphasis on the landscape and beauty of a garden; influenced by Italian gardens and landscapes, England also introduced stonework, fountains and herb plantation. The theme of the poem comes naturally through the images and metaphors, Marvell successfully conveys the theme of solidraty with vivid imagery and metaphorical language.

Throughout the course of the passage, there are rhyming couplets with a perefect AABB rhyme scheme which highlights the cycilical pattern of life in which we go into and out of, the idea that an individual should break free from “society” to gain and develop peace and purty in solidatraty in the beaty and tranquilty of a garden. The title of the poem, “The Garden” also presents an idea of bliss and spirituality. The poem delivers a thoughtful and passionate tone which encourages the reader to adopt solidtarty in a garden to heighten intellectuality and reasoning. 

Marvell adopts short lines with everday diction to evoke motivation in the reader, he also provides the reader with advice and gentle instruction settling the the idea of solidtary and nature within the readers mind. This is further emphasised by the direct use of language “your”, “I” and “their” to convey his message across.

The first stanza the narrator finds fault with “vainly men” who “amaze” themselves in order to win “palm, the oak, or bays”; which hold a sinficanace in classical trasitions; the palm tree if for military honorus and and the oak tree for political honours. In essence winning these trees are seen as a victory, however the speaker rejects this idea as he mocks the work ethic of the men as it is insignificant which is reinficed by words such as “labours” and “vain” show negative connotions. 

The pharse in Line 4 “Crown’d from some single herb or tree” juxtapose the royal and poweress of the “crown” with the use of “some single” makes it seem as pathetic and insignificant. The reversing of the natural world providing a better life rather than the luxuries of the man made work highlight the significance of solidtarty and importance of knowledge bringing us back to God.  

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