An Inspiring Lesson into the Foundations of the English Language


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With my own passion for learning being nurtured by my own teachers, I understand the importance of a teacher’s ability to make a difference in shaping young minds and encouraging growth within children. Becoming a teacher not only involves the encouragement of a positive relationship with learning, it is a role that enables you to help shape a child’s life by inspiring a confidence within them that will allow them to fulfil their full potential.

I believe that teaching at secondary school level will provide me with the opportunity to specialise in the subject that I am most inspired by. English is a fundamental component of a child’s education; involving both analytical and creative thinking, its importance remains integral in the development of their communicative skills and provides the foundation for success in other academic practices. English, with reading in particular, provides an opportunity for children to discover new realms of knowledge that they may not otherwise be exposed to. Throughout my education I have always loved studying William Shakespeare’s work. As a versatile author, from his poetry to his plays, his work allows for both critical analysis and a creativity that can enable students to comprehend the texts on a deeper level. Teaching Shakespeare and making the children aware of the phrases that he coined also provides an inspiring lesson into the foundations of the English language.

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After visiting a local secondary school, in which I was able to shadow the English teachers, I have recently started work experience at Mendip Green School and have been applying the techniques that I observed. During the lessons I determine which children are struggling and need individual attention, I then work with the pupils and present the information in various ways that are more suited to the individual and keeps them engaged. Working with students who often lose concentration has enabled me to improve my communicative skills and has allowed me to demonstrate a sense of resilience. An important aspect of teaching is being able to provide a support system for the children. I now understand that it is not only essential to address adversity and learning barriers, but to aid in finding ways to overcome this and to encourage perseverance in the students to support their learning.

When visiting Nailsea school I observed a pupil who was provided with additional reading sessions and a teaching assistant to support him in the classroom. When taking my own reading sessions at Mendip Green, I was able to transfer these methods and also develop my own. Reading with different pupils helped to highlight the variability involved in teaching and the need to reflect on lessons and tailor them based on the students’ unique learning, social and emotional skills to ensure they are able to reach their full potential. It is of great importance to help all pupils to read and write accurately and confidently, as they are both essential to acquiring and comprehending knowledge in all subjects.

Through my current work experience I have gained an insight into the challenges that I may face as a teacher, but my ongoing commitment has improved my resilience and confidence in resolving them. I am looking forward to training as a teacher through passing on my love and passion for English and making a difference to a child’s life by providing the best education and support possible. 

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