An Introduction to Cosmetology as a Future Career

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A future career I’m interested in is Cosmetology. Cosmetology comes from the Greek root kosmetikos skilled in adornment and aoyla logia which mean the study and application of beauty products. There are many different branches for this job. Shampoo technician, manicurist, beauty therapist, nail technision, and electrologist are the most common careers associated with cosmetology. I am most interested in makeup. I became interested in this profession when I was a child. To me makeup was like magic, you put it on and poof you’re looking hot. Of course now I know this isn’t exactly how it works. Sometimes you put to much makeup and you look well not so hot. Other times you use the wrong colors or mess up while you’re putting your makeup on. Besides altering your appearance makeup is also helps one gain confidence. I want to know so many things about this job beginning with how to become a makeup artist. Like any other job I’m sure being a makeup artist isn’t fun all the time.

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The first step I took in my research was talking to my cousin Aless. She is a very talented makeup artist. Aless works at a studio where she does makeup for celebrities. I had many questions for her. Starting with what are the differences between high priced makeup and low priced makeup. There really is no difference between the two types of makeup sometimes, high priced cosmetics sucks! Other times low priced makeup is really good; however to really know one must experiment. The second step in my research was to find a good book. Sadly, this part didn’t go so well. In the library I did find a book but it wasn’t helpful. The book just said what I already knew. Lastly I looked up information on the internet. I found very helpful information which included all the different jobs a makeup artist can have. It also mentions how to start your own business. I now know becoming a mkeup artist is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

I have learned a lot from the research I’ve made. For instance being a makeup artist helps the world because you help women feel better about themselves by making them look good. The difference between between night time and day time makeup is that day time makeup is more neutral than night time. Night time makeup tends to be more colourful and dramatic. Some low price makeup is really good while some high priced makeup is not so good. Applying makeup is not hard, it just requires patience and a lot of practice. To become a makeup artist you must go to beauty school and pass a certain test. I now think makeup is something more than a tool to look better, its something that enhances the beauty the person already has. A new question I have is how to become a famous makeup artist.

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