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An Issue Of Attitude To Women In Pakistan In The Poem The Road By Hina Faisal Imam

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The state of women in our country, particularly in rural regions is exceptionally pitiful, or ethically and morally inaccurate. This reality has been featured on various events by the evil treatment of ladies. The Street is an extremely regrettable melody about the agonies and distresses experienced by the wedded ladies, who are limited to their homes. In spite of the fact that they are furnished with all the material needs, yet nobody is there to satisfy the requirements of their souls. They quietly are enlisting a protest to the normal men of this world.

On her voyage towards Multan, Hina Faisal Imam sees a gathering of young ladies humming charming and well known tunes. Their voices transport her from a devastate wild, to a domain of dream land where she discovers smiles and looks of some dearest ones. She begins considering sandwiches made out of eggs, scrumptiously taken by individuals. She is considering them to pick up time with the goal that she might have the capacity to conceive a matter of graver significance and contemplate over it. Then, she delineates the hopeless state of the wedded ladies in that specific area. They are kept restricted by feudal masters to the four dividers of their manors. They are not considered as standard with them. They are only there to satisfy their requests. Despite the fact that they are stacked with gold and wearing expensive outfit, yet considered as captives, they need to shed constant tears. Nobody comes to wipe them and assemble up their spirit. They carry on with an existence of physical enslavement. The soil has bound them like pillars. In the haveli courtyard to eat, sleep. And talk as the sun rises and sets on. Blank faces.

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Treatment of ladies emerges from our male directed society’s impression, of ladies as having the soberly calm job of child carrier, home creator, and an asset. Usually learning that in pastoral Pakistan, ladies are especially treated like property, like land, or dairy animals, or a tube well. Imam talks about the women’s helplessness in the following lines: Tears fall on dust floor. No one wipes them clean. From a pretty face. That mends loneliness. In the bathroom.

A major change is required at the social level, which will recognize ladies as individuals with spirits, wants, emotions, aspirations and possibilities. As a poetess, Imam offers voice to issues concerning ladies, and bids to the normal and sympathetic individuals to approach and offer her sentiments. Peace ought to be built up in the life of ladies. They ought to be given their due rights. The Road is allegorically “The Street of human life”. It is embraced by a human match: man and lady. It will get bothered if basic rights are denied to ladies people and if peace does not introduce their lives.


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