An Issue of Cheating in Modern Society

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Cheating is to cover up a period of time and to bypass a situation of reality. For many individuals, they perform cheating to cope up with their crucial circumstance, some cheat to speedup a college exam and most of all it’s just their habitual that they think there will be no consequences at the end. Cheating is an act of power and intelligence to blind a situation. We in 21st Century, the act of cheating still exist. It can be done in different ways such as asking a friend to write them an essay, coding someone else computer to open a valuable information or to look someone else term papers over the Internet. Before I know it, the person who grade my essay this instance had cheated before. Cheating is very crucial to understand why it has to be done and why they had to do it. It’s like a consciousness of a person lingers all the time if a problem needs to be done. Some individuals may find it comfortable while others having a hard time (dead end).

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To bypass a situation, people cheat. It’s very hard to avoid where it’s like an embodiment. For instance, student running out of time to submit a term paper for a specific assignment. Cause of that is that a student won’t be able to gather its research, writings, and supporting documents to fulfill the assignment. Now that there isn’t enough time, student cheats by starting to look for friends or classmates that can write a term paper for them or browse the Internet and pay for a ready made ones. This kind of act is very common where they find it the best way to ease a student’s dilemma. But it doesn’t stops there; they will do it over and over again which it will become a habitual. Students become obstinate and remain unrepentant. Now that the dilemma has been treated a solution (cheating), there is always consequences. After a student submitted their term paper, they will receive a grade. But that grade will not benefit them in the first place, which is a consequence that a student will face. Sometimes before they even get a grade for their term paper, a professor will usually do an interview on their writings when needed (to distinguish if plagiarism or cheating arises). If a student lucky enough, then they get a passing grade, if not then a process forcing to rewrite term paper and a possible non-passing grade.

Copying an exam during examination does happen without knowledge from an instructor. During the exam, student watches the instructor’s movement to make sure that they won’t be caught while asking others for answer. They also meticulously implement some writings where an answer goes and so on. This usually happen because student didn’t study prior to the examination. Some students also do have a habit of studying poorly or never study. With the cause of that, they may not able to perform well during the examination and they resume on copying other student answers. At the end of the exam, student passes their answers to the instructor and felt good about their selves with the answers that they didn’t taught for. The student may get a grade but sometimes, the instructor does several grading process to make sure the student did really studied for the exam. Often, an instructor has several ways on tracking if a student is copying answers from others. With my experience back in high school, the teacher gave us different series of exam question to insure that no one can copy each others work. Very bright idea but somehow, students do get over it and still be able to cheat. Although the student copy and cheat, the one who most affected is the student itself. Having a passing grade without knowledge isn’t very beneficial. And that effect, their future maybe un-clear where an obstacle will block their future.

People do have their own freedom and choose to cheat or not. But, they do not fully understand concept and what a consequences that they will face in the future. They rather take the risk just to bypass a situation. Now a day, it is very crucial to cheat. With advance technology, it is very fast to figure if a student cheat or not. Several computer companies has developed application to detect a term paper that student wrote if it was published or being submitted before hand. Cheating do have consequences that will affect not just a student, it could also affect the people around you, the company we work at, and the rest of the world. I think it is wise to make sure we have a habit to pursue our goal and be responsible with our obligation. And cheat itself can vanish.

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