An Overview of the Importance of Big Data to Data Science

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We live in the age of information, and information reigns. For a business to successfully run, you need to have special tools to make sense of it. Many small business owners face some failures when running a business through their customers, data, marketing, finance and etc. Analytics is important for your business as making great choice. Effectively, the business gets more comfortable with analytics due to the fact that it provides relevant information that will allow the business to make a better decision. With the advancement of technology, Imagine that there are bounty of positive reasons for a company to embrace the new innovations, but these advancements also do come with a few negative side impacts.

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Today, Big data analytics is a big help in organizations for the reason that it saddle their data and utilize it to distuinguish new opportunities. Big data analytics have a lot of advantages in a company’s success, first is that it will help you gain a market advantage. Why? Because using data will enable you to track your clients journey on how your market share ranks and sales increase. It can help you to identify what your clients wants and what offers you need to do to get their trust. Just like Lazada, an app that allows you to shop online, they used big data on how they’ll be known to others and make it boom to the market. They’re following the trends on what’s new in terms of clothing, appliances, gadgets and etc. to catch the attention of the customers. This implies that it can offer assistance on which is your product needs improvement and need to remove from production. You can increment the client’s commitment since you’ll have more effective interactions with them which will lead the company to attain a beneficial relationship with the client. Moreover, with the help of big data, the new strategies of your competitors are noticeable, because you will get notified when your competition have new strategy in terms of advertising/promoting its product or lowering its prices. This will lead you up into your customer trends like in promotions, you can easily cope up something new when advertising to get the attention of your customers and make it trend to the market. Along the lines of Jollibee and Mcdonalds, they’re also using big data to get easily attractive to people by creating catchy commercials and advertisements.

However, big data also do come with a few negative side impacts, first is your security. Security is the most important in a company, and big data analytics is prone to data breach. Because with the advancement of technology your data are attractable for cyberattackers that can hack your data, trade secrets, personal information and other information because of the internet such as social media apps, that’s why privacy is a must. Additionally, because of the rapid change, technology is changing quickly that the organization will invest in that technology for them to have the latest tool to have something much better. Big data is enormous, in just one click on the internet you can see a lot of informations whether it’s accurate or not, knowing how big data is. But with a lot of informations it is difficult to find an accurate and relevant facts in proper format of analysis that you’re searching for.

Big data is very helpful in a organization, for business to successfully run you must identify first the advantages and disadvantages of the situation for you to overcome it. But looking on the other side, Imagine that with the help of big data, a company will be more successful from achieving its goals. Applying Big Data analytics progressively gives positive value from clients by using dynamic, processes, and technologies to analyze data to customize consumers’ need. Everyday changes and In this manner, companies got to begin to adjust the trend using big data analytics for them to stay competitive in the market.

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