An Unexamined Life is not Worth Living

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An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living Meaning Essay

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  • Introduction
  • Socrates' Perception of Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living
  • The Difference Between Existence and Living
  • Life Is Worth Living If You Are Aware of Your Flaws
  • Finding Reason to Live an Unexamined Life
  • Conclusion


As the great philosopher Socrates once said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Since the beginning of time, humankind has been trying to answer a question: what is the reason for life. The response to this question isn't simple as it is not generally the same for everyone. It is not generally simple to explain one's meaning of life, nor is the excursion to find it simple. Nonetheless, a man's life is dull if there is no meaning, reason, or aim to fulfill. An objective or aim is required to strive and live a gratifying life. Here the question arises that how might one know what is the reason for his life? Is his life worth living or not?

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Socrates' Perception of Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living

Socrates a Greek Philosopher, who had a solid feeling of ethics and laws, once expressed, "An unexamined life is not worth living." For one to find the reason and worth of his life, this statement emphatically asks one to examine himself first and after that others in the society to find the meaning and happiness of life. Socrates sacrificed his own particular life since he didn't have any desire to disobey or deceive his State, while it was his State that was betraying him. Socrates believed that he has fulfilled his motivation and lived a satisfying life. Along these lines, he had no issue dying.

Socrates had an exceptionally solid good compass. In this way, when he expressed "The life which is unexamined is not worth living", the Greek was urging us to painstakingly investigate our life and think about our actions. His statement is kind of like an advice. A key to find happiness and live a satisfying life. Such an inspiring and provocative piece of discourse about life shouldn't be ignored. Here Socrates is asking us to think about life and break down our activities. Examine as long as we can remember, think about the at various times, assess out actions and consider upon them. By evaluating and pondering upon our lives, we can think back on our mistakes and gain from them. Socrates is asking one to ponder his and think if one was faithful, tolerant, modest, gracious, kind, well behaved, honest or did one relinquish every one of his ethics and virtues. According to Socrates articulation this reflection of one's life would enable them to find their actual reason and these virtues would help him life a gratifying life.

The Difference Between Existence and Living

In spite of the fact that a man who doesn't reflect back and we should go of every one of his ethics and virtue is still in existence however that is all he is, he is existing not living. The examining of his actions would enable him to lead a significantly more satisfying life. Without reflecting back on your life, without the examination and pondering upon your actions, one's life is relatively insignificant, it has no esteem.

If one is not evaluating his life, he won't have the capacity to gain from his past mistakes and would continue repeating them. He wont ever have the capacity to improve or change. His chain of sin and blunders would continue forever, him nor realizing where he turned out badly nor would he think about his mistakes. Continuing life like this would be tragic however it is avoidable. If only one would simply enjoy a reprieve and think back and consider his actions and examine his heart for shortcomings and weights. He would in result find his shortcomings and endeavor to fix them, which would help unburden his heart.

Life Is Worth Living If You Are Aware of Your Flaws

Everyone commits errors, there is nobody in this world who is immaculate and hasn't ever sinned. Consciously or unconsciously even the best individuals have committed errors. Nevertheless, it's the genuinely awesome ones who realize that and endeavor to fix and gain from them. General Robert E. Lee scrutinized his life meticulously until the day he died, and thusly discovered blunders and improved upon them. He once expressed, "[Defeats] are sent … to keep our falling into more noteworthy disasters." Thus, one needs to examine his past and gain from it so one can keep from falling into more prominent disaster.

The examination of one's life makes it significantly more pleasant and satisfying to God. All individuals will give sins, so examination of activities will help in finding imperfections. Whenever discovered, sins can be revised. This will help evade various issues that occur because of wrongdoing, and will be a decent advance in becoming a decent individual. The points of interest will be quick, and the prizes will be extraordinary. Consider this case: there are two individuals, one who takes a gander at his life altogether, and one who does not think about past activities, yet rather lives only for the present. The individual who inspected his life discovered various transgressions, spoke to God for absolution and for help in remedying them. The other additionally dedicated various wrongdoings, anyway he didn't set aside the opportunity to think about them. As a general rule, he didn't comprehend his awful behaviors. He continued erring and sin, deteriorating each day. The little advance of examination of activities has a huge impact in one's life.

A man needs to assess himself ordinary and consider upon his action as often as possible to find the genuine meaning and motivation behind his life and to live a commendable satisfying life. The present world is a universe of "Advance", here it is important for one to know his identity, what is his aim, what might be his arrangement of action. If one doesn't have the response to these questions one would not have the capacity to life a commendable life. One would not have the capacity to find his aim and motivation behind life until he doesn't assess his life and does not realize what is his existence honestly for. Without pondering upon his over a significant time span one would be like a blind individual and would continue moving on the wrong way. Being like a blind individual would mean he would have no clue what he is doing, if his actions are simply or not, if he is right or off-base. He would simply blindly continue on his way.

If a man doesn't assess his life, he would not have the capacity to contemplate upon them and realize his mistakes nor would he have the capacity to revise them. he would bit by bit fall into the cycle of sin and mistake.

Finding Reason to Live an Unexamined Life

On the other side, if one does well, he more often than not accept that he is immaculate and great and there isn't or couldn't be somebody who might be listening that is better then them. He would think that his life is simply immaculate and there is no compelling reason to change as there is no requirement for improvement. This idea would prompt one becoming vanity. Henceforth. Everybody needs to recollect that with the progression of time life likewise changes, life is not consistent. The person who is not trying to change to adjust to the new circumstances those out of the blue wake up, is enabling terrible thing to come up his life. Besides, without changing with circumstances, one would linger behind and would not have the capacity to continue, he would be stuck independent from anyone else. His life would wind up brimming with disappointments, bitterness, and misery. There is no objective, reason in his life any more. Thus, it is important to realize that one can simply find the meaning and worth of life when he consistently searches for it; he needs to move and let the evolutions be the convention in his lifetime keeping in mind the true objective to continue with a commendable life.

Albeit, regardless of whether a man reflects back and assesses his actions in his lifetime it doesn't generally imply that he is living a commendable life. To one, evaluation could be the possibility of doing something with a terrible reason or to hurt somebody while for a virtuous individual, evaluation, is attain knowledge, enrich the immoral soul, work for the benefit of everyone, Soul can be defined as the spirit, the life principle of the body. According to Aristotle the spirit has three sections which are sense, fearlessness, and intellect. In this division of soul, the intellect is the primary part. Intellect is the part that recognizes the motivation behind life. Therefore, keeping in mind the true objective to be cheerful, an ethical individual need to take a gander at and set his life as indicated by the intellect in light of the fact that the intellect deals with the entire body and improve the spirit.


Accordingly, an unexamined life and broke down existence with the wrong reasons would never discover happiness or paradise for the duration of regular day to day existence. Furthermore, a broke down life, to discover satisfaction and importance of life, must be established on the righteousness of man.

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