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An Unforgettable Beach Vacation

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Vacation is a word that makes us relaxed and happy whenever we hear it. The reason is that we want a break from regular activities of life for a while to refresh body and mind. Refreshment is important to reduce the monotony and make a good start again. That is why we love vacation. We usually go for a tour in a vacation for refreshment.

There are many attractive places those are very popular to the tourists because of their good characteristics. Manzanita Oregon is one of my favorite places to spend a vacation. I think vacation in a beach is more relaxing and chilling. Few months ago I went Oregon Coast to spend my vacation with my friends. It was summer, and the weather was appropriate for a beach tour. The beach and the surroundings were amazing that made our vacation. We planned to stay at hotels before going there, but we could not find any vacant room for us in the hotels. That made us feel heart-broken. Then we had to stay home rentals. That was Manzanita Beach Rentals. We thought that room rentals are the worse options for staying in the vacation. We were wrong and we understood after staying in Coast Cabins Manzanita. Staying there was one of the best experiences of my life. They have good stuffs who provide everything you need and maintain all things properly. There are many facilities that we did not expect before staying at vacation rentals. Like Cable TV, WiFi, , equipment of barbecues, Bed and shower lines, , well-stocked kitchens and other essentials such as soaps, paper towels, toilet paper, and much more.

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Let me talk about the food we had there. There are many restaurants and foods are available almost all time. Manzanita Restaurants provide a variety of fresh and delicious food those are really tasty and healthy as well. We taste few local foods those where very delicious and mouthwatering. There are plenty of new dishes those we had not have ever. It is a great place for food lovers too. As we were a food lover and we tried many new foods as we could.

Fortunately, we had another lucky experience there. Do you have any experience of rainy day at the beach? Yes, we have. What to Do On a Rainy Day? We had done a lot fun things. We played football in the rain. It was so much fun. Then we shower in the rain. After that we played guitar and sang songs together. Many unknown persons joined with us and they sang with us too. The interesting this was few girls started dancing and the number of dancers were increasing. Everybody enjoyed that rainy day at the beach as it was a totally different experience.

It is a great place to have your vacation with your family, friends or your beloved one. The environment of the beach will definitely make you happy. You should go for a tour at the Manzanita Oregon to have an enjoyable and refreshing vacation.


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