Analysis of Gopro’s Marketing Strategy

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Analysis Of GoPro’s Marketing Strategy

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Company background:

GoPro is an American company founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman. He was motivated by a surfing trip in 2002 in Australia where he was hoping to capture quality action photos but could not do it because some of the photographers could not get close enough to take the shot or buy higher quality equipment at reasonable prices. His desire for a camera that could capture the professional angles inspired the ‘GoPro’ name. So, in order to raise cash and sell the product, he sell beads and shell belts for below USD$20 out of his VW van. His parents also gave him about USD$230,000 to invest in his business.

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In 2004, the company sold its first camera, which uses 35 mm film. After that one year later, the Digital version of the GoPro Hero was released.

GoPro’s marketing strategy:

GoPro marketing strategy is quite unique because the way they do their ads have one thing in common: they were all make from User Generated Content. GoPro’s customer constructed their ads for them by recording videos of themselves using the product in field and submitting it to them. On one hand, you accomplish the task of showing it to the people that is viewing the ad when advertising the product, then on the other hand, you don’t have to come up with what to do next for another advertising/commercial idea. The users will do it for you and all you have to do is to pick which one is your favorite videos.

GoPro’s company sells the idea of “personal heroism”. Every GoPro ads we see, we begin to see that we are able to capture some of the interesting angles that we see in some of the videos of extreme athletes from different kinds of sports. Their slogan “be a hero” connects back to the main theme of “personal heroism” by allowing the user to feel as if they are a professional shooting a video or capturing images with it when using their product.

Because of their company’s connection with its customers on so many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. This allows it to strengthen their brand loyalty by creating opportunities for user’s content to be used to sell the product. This connection via its user-centered marketing strategy and a product which has a compact design, easy to bring around everywhere you go, is customizable and it is user-friendly is what makes GoPro to be one of the most successful camera companies in the history.

Chosen product in the product line: GoPro Hero 6 (Black Edition)

This product came out recently last year and it is one of the best action camera so far. Here is a brief description what it does:

Like some of the older black series cameras, the Hero 6 is able to shoot 4K footage at 60 FPS (frames per seconds), and you can go into a slow-motion mode that shoots at 2.7K at 120 FPS at a resolution of 1080p. The Hero 6 has an improved dynamic range, so it is able to shoot better in mixed sunlight and in low light condition. It also has a touchscreen at the back of the camera which has a touch-to-zoom feature. There is also a more improved WI-FI radio inside the camera that triples the transfer speeds unlike the last generation Hero so you can transfer images/videos in and out more quickly. Comparing the stabilization from the previous cameras, the Hero 6 has an improved image stabilization system that eliminates camera shakes and vibrations whether you are riding down a bumpy track on mountain bike or just from your shaky hands. The only downside to this product is the pricing which is around SGD$700 but for that price, everything else is good.

Marketing event in Singapore:

The GoPro in Singapore sell their products every year at the IT roadshow for a cheaper price to pull in people to buy their products. Or when there are sports competition like the recent “Urban Wheels The City Challenge” mountain bike competition at Scape, they sponsor the event so that people will recognize them and if you get the podium, you will be rewarded with a free GoPro action camera too and given that, GoPro is the only action camera in Singapore that is well known because when people think of sports, action camera, first thing that came to their mind is GoPro. GoPro Singapore have sponsor multiple events in Singapore every time there is a competition.

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