Analysis of Puma`s Marketing Strategy

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Analysis Of Puma`s Marketing Strategy

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  • Company Profile
  • Target Market
  • Conclusion

In the present aggressive and dynamic world, with each business giving a similar sort of item or service, the firm which thinks of a creative idea can plan to make due over the long run, by drawing in and attracting clients.

Company Profile

A German based company occupied with manufacturing of brandishing gear, working worldwide through its auxiliaries. Puma is the main sports mark universally creating designs; you would now be able to buy a broad scope of Puma footwear and attire on the web. Puma is offering and showcasing footwear, clothing and accessories in excess of 130 around the world. Consolidated in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler (because of the split of the first organization into PUMA and ADIDAS) it has set up itself as a quickest developing and creator of execution and sports style based items.

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Target Market

Puma clients are the middle- upper and high-class wage bunches who are more centered on their self-being and need to carry on a healthy and have cleanliness way of life. To pull in the clients from various sections it distinguished the individual qualities, for example, inspirations, their way of life and their wellness level; Puma has taken a shot at these parameters to advance its image and make it additionally appealing to the end client.

Puma is more centered on assembling the items in the Asian markets because of low work cost, the crude material cost that is helping the organization in being aggressively ahead.

90% of its items are sourced from the Asian markets where a large portion of its assembling and generation plants is found. The sourcing is a major errand in Puma, which is dealt with by Big Cat Ltd. Organization who arrange with 190+ providers in excess of 35 nations for sourcing and the items. The obtainment is a standout amongst the most imperative upper hands Puma have.

Strengths: Puma has been seeing high development rate. Puma spends vigorously in advancing its image all through the world by means of sponsorship. Puma brand is exceptionally creative and has an extremely rich Research and Development group. We realize that footballers for the most part utilize screws in their boots for better grating while at the same time running. Puma initially propelled these screw boots and they got incredible acknowledgment in the football world.

Weakness: Puma has extreme rivalry and constrained market share compared to Nike and Adidas. High brand changing means hard to have steadfast client base. Piece of the pie: Puma holds around 7% of the market share while its rivals like Nike has 31%, Adidas has 16% and Reebok has 6%. This additionally demonstrates Puma has long way to go.

Opportunities: The Company can achieve more sponsorship as more worldwide occasions in the sporting business are occurring. Puma can begin entering the way of life segment of the business, using advertisement and branding to tap new clients.

Threats: Being a worldwide brand, Puma’s business is influenced by recession and monetary lull. There is broad rivalry from existing players and new players, which is developing in the business. Impersonations of Puma brand are broadly expanding causing misfortunes. Government approaches and controls can influence business activities.

Barriers to entry: This fragment is extremely focused and Puma is confronting overwhelming rivalry from Adidas and Nike. With their high incomes and dispensable wages, they have made an intense passage hindrance for Puma to wind up a major player.

Political: Political flimsiness influences the business. Political circumstance of outsourcing nation influences the business. Puma need to conform to any confinements forced on clients. New expense or tax forced by government influence the business.

Economics: Conversion standard change impacts the business as Puma works its business in various nations. Swelling builds the cost of merchandise sold. Higher rate of intrigue may influence the money related position of Puma. Financial log jam or downturn may influence the purchaser’s buy and diminishing the offers of Puma. Expanding material cost and work cost greatly affects Puma.

Social: Buyers are more wellbeing cognizant and interest in the sports are expanding, that builds the requests of sports items. Expanding piece of the overall industry of female purchasers have beneficial outcome on Puma. Recognition and inclinations about the sports items are evolving.

Technological: Technological progression expanding deals and empowers cost effectiveness. Updated innovation appropriation, increment the difference in items highlights and quality. Rate of technological oldness expanded because of new advances. Creative and unrivaled items expanded on account of advance innovation.

Legal: There is a risk for the infringement of business laws and ecological issues. Harder business principles may hamper the business exercises. Exchange consent to defend for business task is vital. Danger of agreement manufacturers duplicating of item (Intellectual property rights) is an incredible concern.

Environmental: Handling environmental change turns into a test for association. Accomplishing the practical objectives is a great issue for the organization, as there remains a plausibility to come up short. Puma may need to lessen vitality utilizations. As the notoriety of green items expanded, Puma may need to embrace more, squander transfer, recycle and reuse approach.


Promoting is an extremely pivotal piece of each association. Puma embraced diverse methodologies that the repositioning of PUMA as the World’s Fastest Sports Brand, the change of our item motor, and the advancement of our dissemination quality, expanding the speed inside our association and framework, and reestablishing our IT foundation. Puma was likewise attempting with the advertisement battles to reposition itself on the brain of the buyers as a games execution mark rather than everybody taking them as the easygoing thing. Puma even marked a Multi-year manage the well-known vocalist Rihanna and making her the image envoy to advance ladies wellness footwear’s. It likewise centers around manageability that encourages its prosperity.

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