Analysis and Comparative Study of Workforce Diversity for Airbnb and Kpmg

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  • Airbnb
  • Airbnb: Paving the Way Towards Dissolving Workforce Disparity
    Airbnb Workforce Diversity- News Coverage
    Airbnb Workforce Diversity- Social Media Prominence
  • Black Wedding Ring Campaign
  • KPMG
  • KPMG Diversification
    KPMG Workforce Diversity - Social Media Prominence
    KPMG Workforce Diversity- Website Backing
    Comparative Study of Airbnb and KPMG Approach Towards Workforce Diversity


Airbnb: Paving the Way Towards Dissolving Workforce Disparity

Airbnb is an online aggregator of hospitality service for travelers, students, and employees etc to lease lodging such as homestays, apartments, cottages and hotels. Airbnb has carved a niche for itself across countries because of the value it adds through its services. When we look at the internal aspect of Airbnb such as the work culture and how it functions, the very most explicit culture it potentially is composed of is promoting diversity when it comes to building its team.

Airbnb Workforce Diversity- News Coverage

Initially, Airbnb suffered immense gender disparity. Little did it know that it had recruited only 10 percent women of all the new recruits until its data science team realized the scenario. And within a year, it doubled its women workforce from 15 percent to 30 percent. One thing that Airbnb struggled with was enticing women towards tech sector but at the time when Uber was slogging towards diversifying its work environment, Airbnb was in the limelight and hence Uber sought guidance from Airbnb.

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Financial Times report potentially sheds light on the survey that was conducted between 10 tech companies and it was revealed that Airbnb dominated in being women driven when compared to other tech companies, and hence it has had good dividends in terms of gender balancing.

As per Airbnb’s latest diversity report, there is a significant progress in the makeup of its workforce. It has been revealed that 11 percent of all the U.S. employees were from underrepresented minorities. Significantly, underrepresented figure in technical roles crossed the demarcation of 100 employees within a year and the underrepresented minorities ranged from non-white to non-Asian workforce. It has been analyzed from the report that it took a lot of time for Airbnb to normalize discrimination due its dearth of internal diversity.

Airbnb Workforce Diversity- Social Media Prominence

A politically-packed Super Bowl advertisement was aired by Airbnb which instilled a thought of diversity and love. The campaign was aired when Airbnb was launching its #weaccept campaign.

This very effective campaign by Airbnb holds potential in overtly advocating for diversity as it has marked a sea change in imbibing workforce diversity in its culture by hiring racial and ethnic minorities and women during Cannes.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, Airbnb relentlessly opposed it by launching its #WeAccept campaign of a Super Bowl commercial that focused on promising home for 100,000 people, especially refugees, and the target set to meet the objective is five years from the year 2017.

The CMO Jonathan Mildenhall of Airbnb took to his Twitter handle and remarked, “The most diverse brand needs the most diverse creative team,” with the hashtag #CannesDoDiversity. The CMO attached a link to Airbnb’s diversity micro-sit.

Very recently, Airbnb extensively promoted a movement around marriage equality in which they distributed free “acceptance rings”. The wedding rings were totally black and the objective to conduct this activation was to address the issue of marriage equality in Australia. The campaign had a 98 percent positive backing and the rings were extensively ordered.

Black Wedding Ring Campaign

  • Overall Ethnicity at Airbnb
  • Airbnb Workforce Diversity- OOH
  • Airbnb Workforce Diversity- Website Backing

The website of Airbnb speaks volumes of its workforce diversity backing and thrives on the line of thought that “every community is a place where you can belong.” Airbnb is totally sticking to its motto, “Belong Anywhere.” For them, their workplace is hence the utmost significant thing and the people it is composed of. A series of snapshots from their website have been inserted which depict how strongly they believe in workforce diversity. As per information churned out from their website, Airbnb has collaborated with various non-profit organizations be it in the stream of advancing the career of black engineers, LGBTQ. Also, the company has partnered with UNCF for extending benevolence to underrepresented backgrounds in the United States, thereby promoting equality. The company hence is devoted in bringing transparency where everyone is welcome and all voices are recognized.


Workforce Diversity is here For Good.

  • KPMG- Crawling its way towards Workforce Diversity
  • KPMG Workforce Diversity- News Coverage

A professional service and the most esteemed auditors, alongside Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG. As per a report published by The Peninsula, since the last four years, KPMG has nailed this initiative as it got 300 women attendees collectively at the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit and hence KPMG has bagged the best social mobility employer tag by replacing Grant Thornton (GT).

KPMG’s programme – “IT’s Her Future” – has been specifically designed to recruit young women talent the tech sector by eliminating the negative stereotypes surrounding it.

KPMG Diversification

KPMG Workforce Diversity – Social Media Prominence

KPMG’s Twitter handle is inundated with trails that proactively participating in the #MeToo Backlash, thereby sticking to the values of believing in diversity. Dedicated to the crucial role of sponsorship in creating a diverse work culture, KPMG has been responsible enough to hold the responsibility of responding to #MeToo backlash.

Barbara Wankoff, KPMG’s executive director, while talking about KPMG’s effort on advancing women tweeted. “We need to bring the best people to our clients,” said, “and that means diversity.” “We’re asking people to think about things differently,” he added.

Therefore to mitigate biasness in talent searches, KPMG has a leadership competency model to its credit. The model holds potential in evaluating on the basis of specify key competencies.

KPMG sticks to structures that antecede #MeToo to address the issue of inclusion and diversity with an Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Executive Council that advises on I&D strategy, suggest and instills embedding I&D into the business models and work culture of the company.

KPMG Workforce Diversity- Website Backing

KPMG predominantly believes in the values that diversity holds as it brings suppliers and sub-contractors to the firm, our clients, and our communities. The company thrives on the policy of diversifying businesses, such as women, veteran, African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, Abilities in Motion and LGBT. Let’s have a look at the screenshots of their webpage, as to how strongly they promote diversity of work culture.

Comparative Study of Airbnb and KPMG Approach Towards Workforce Diversity

‘Diversity’ for Airbnb seemed like a far-fetched notion when it ventured into the market space, but now it has leapfrogged at a much faster pace than anticipated and is making headlines in both online and offline space for expanding diversity in the organization.

Whereas KPMG on the other hand has been smartly moving ahead in accepting diversity, it believes in an inclusive environment where every individual is empowered. KPMG has laid down various in-house networks towards diversification such as:

  • African and Caribbean Network
  • Breathe – KPMG’s LGBT network
  • Christians in KPMG
  • Islamic Society
  • Jewish Society
  • KNOW – KPMG’s women’s network
  • Middle Eastern and North African Network
  • Parenting Network
  • WorkAbility – KPMG’s disability network

Airbnb on the other hand has doesn’t cater to intense diversification, wherein it runs various in-house societies.

KPMG is progressing quickly. As per its inclusion and diversity report of 2017, 24 percent of its partners are women. Also, KPMG has accepted people with disabilities but Airbnb has no mention of it.

Taking account into LGBTQ acceptance rate, both Airbn and KPMG have fairly done a commendable job. It was revealed that Airbnb had been a subject of criticism due to its discriminatory in-house practices and had gradually addressing the issue. Back in 2016, Airbnb went the extra mile to release a short film as part of their #HostWithPride campaign in which three LGBT hosts and guests were featured. The campaign touched lives of many as it revealed the stories of the guests about their struggles for recognition.

KPMG conducted Pride parades to celebrate and accept diversity.

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