Analysis and Evaluation of My Selection Interview Performance

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Table of Contents

  • Had the Candidate Prepared Thoroughly?
  • In Your View, Was the Interview Well Managed?
  • In Your View, Did the Interview Flow in a Professional Way?
  • Did You Ask Appropriate Questions? Quality of the Questions?
  • What About Employment Law? Was the Process Ethical?
  • Good Listening Skills?
    Body Language?
  • Planning

In this report, I will be analysing and evaluating my interview performance of how well I have prepared and planned for it. I am the interviewer that interviewed my partner (interviewee), who applied for the job role as a guest service host in Thorpe Park. Furthermore, I will state the recommendations that can be made in order to improve my interview performance in the future.

I believe that I was organised very well for this interview, but there are several drawbacks. The use of interview protocol for planning made me aware of what I was required for the interview such as being required to dress smartly and go through the interviewee’s application in before hand, so I can conduct a summary of their background as well as making sure that I arrive at least half an hour earlier than the interviewee, so I have the necessary needs for the interview. According to the observer, “Keethijan gave a handshake upon greeting but barely greeted the interviewee and launched straight into questions.” This shows that I have made a first positive impression by giving a firm handshake, therefore this would have set a positive set of tone for the rest of interview. However, in fact that I barely greeted the interviewee and launched straight into the interview emphasises that I have lacked a sense of welcome to our company; therefore this means that the interview would have felt uncomfortable to ask questions confidently. As a result, this means that the interview was organised very well, but it was not conducted up to a professional manner standard due to myself not greeting and interacting with the interview well enough.

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Had the Candidate Prepared Thoroughly?

I have prepared well for the interview by writing down what questions I am going to ask the interviewee as well as practising of how I am going to ask the questions and made sure that it does not over flow the interview’s time limit that has been set. Furthermore, before the interview, I researched about the company into a further detail, so I was able to state it to the interviewee during the interviewing time. The interviewee was prepared well by having the right document for the interview such as the CV. Also, I came to the interview with a notepad, so I could note the information that is being provided by the interviewee.

In Your View, Was the Interview Well Managed?

I felt that I managed the interview very well. This is because I was previously aware of what questions I was going to ask the interviewee, which saved myself a great value of time as well as it helped me to be straightforward with the interviewee without any interruptions being caused during the interview process. Furthermore, my partner and I decided to give each other a reasonable amount of time while we talk to each other; therefore, this prevented any cause of interruptions. However, the lack of smiling through out the interview may have made the interviewee feel uncomfortable, as they would have thought I am not interested in what they are talking about.

In Your View, Did the Interview Flow in a Professional Way?

In my opinion, I believe that the interview flowed in a professional manner because the interviewee was able to present himself formally as if they were in an interview situation. Furthermore, the preparation of questions in before hand helped the interview to flow smoothly as I was able to move on from one question to another one constantly. Therefore, this was time-effective. Also, I have taken a notepad with me to the interview in order for it to be formal as well as I can note down the information and answers provided by the interviewee.

Did You Ask Appropriate Questions? Quality of the Questions?

I asked different types of appropriate questions, which were relevant to the job role and essential for the company. Based on the answers to the questions, it can be decided whether the interviewee would be suitable for this job role or not. Furthermore, I made sure that the quality of the questions was up to an ordinary English standard, so that everyone is capable of understanding the questions.

What About Employment Law? Was the Process Ethical?

Good Listening Skills?

My listening skill was excellent, as I have had the patience to listen to the observer and note down what he says. Furthermore, when the interviewee was speaking I did not disrupt the interview, which showed to the interviewee that I was not bored about what they were talking as well as this shows interest towards them as well. According to the observer,” His tone of voice is very and he must be more audible to come across more confident and assertive.” This shows that the soft voice from myself would have made the listening difficult for the interviewee, as they were not able to hear clearly of what I was asking/ speaking to them. Therefore, in the future I have to make sure that I speak up clearly and with more confidence.

Body Language?

My body language was a good posture through out the interview, as I was sitting up straight and was giving the interviewee a good eye contact to make sure that I look interested in what the interviewee was saying. This was important through out the interview, as this would help the interviewee to feel less nervous and more comfortable through out the interview. According to the observer, “ Keethijan must look to improve his interpersonal skills, so that he is more interactive with the interviewee.” This shows that I have to improve up on my greeting, as I did not show enough interest in the interviewee enough by not interacting enough with him such as by the use of verbal and non-verbal communication. However, if I interacted with the interviewee, then they would have felt less nervous and more comfortable.


Planning is significant in our life, therefore this applies for an interview as well as you would have the ability to perform better as well as you would feel more confident on how to answer unexpected questions. According to Roy Jayson “If you simply walk into the interview and answer each question as it’s asked, without having done preparation, you’ll probably put on a fairly decent show. But if you really want the job, that’s not enough. You have no idea how though the competition is. If it’s fairly weak, an unprepared interview might still get you the job. But what if it’s strong? A missed opportunity.” This clearly shows that planning before an interview is significant, as you would have a bigger advantage of succeeding in the interview. I would say this quote states the right statement because without preparing for the interview would mean that I would not know what to ask the interviewee, which means that I have to make up the questions on spot, therefore the time management will not be effective. Firstly, I decided to look at videos on how the interviewer.

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