Analysis and Plot of The Metamorphosis

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mself, while his family does not show that same concern or love for him. Yet, Gregor’s ‘ordinary’ attitude toward his extraordinary transformation actually enables him to remain and reflect upon his current situation.

The book ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka, the existential principle of Kafka’s ‘Transformation’, is based on existentialism. One of the main perspectives is isolation which can be demonstrated by the relationship between Gregor and his family as he shown no respect for what he has done towards his family, his social life and his way of life after metamorphosis. Gregor did not understand this, but his relationship with his family was bad. Gregor took over his father’s responsibility and did what a son should do towards their father.

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This unselfishness can be seen most readily in Gregor’s work ethic. He is the only member of his family who has a job, believing that he is the only one capable of holding one. Under the belief that he was to be the sole provider for the family, Gregor took a job with his father’s creditor, before even consulting with his family because he hated to see his family struggle.

‘The Metamorphosis’ is definitely an appropriate title for Franz Kafka’s novella. At first, the story seems to be confusing and ridiculous, but toward the end of the story, the true meaning of the tale becomes clearer. Kafka uses a metaphorical device to explain how Gregor is transformed into an insect. This way to serve as a symbol. Generally, insects are creatures who live simple lives where their only job is one basic task that they must carry out. Gregor has been working as a traveling agent, and he has not missed a single day of work in five years. He knows that his family is in a severe debt, that his father had produced. As Gregor works more and more, he becomes less and less social and becomes isolated from his parents. Gregor has sacrificed going out, having friends, and having time for himself in order to give his family a better life. Meanwhile, the Samsa family just sits around at their home and aren’t thankful for what Gregor does.

Once Gregor is no longer human and thus unable to provide, the second ‘metamorphosis’ begins to take place. Throughout the story, transformation is a very important topic not only for Gregor but also for his sister Grete. Even if Gregor became a bug, even if he had a huge bug body, Grete seems like the only Samsa who cares about her brothers. When the Samsa’s realize they have no source of income Gregor’s mom, dad, and sister get jobs. His father comes out of retirement to work as a bank messenger. In order to earn additional money, his mother does all she can, sewing clothes to later sell.

 Lastly, possibly the character who changed the most is Grete takes a job as a salesgirl. All the trouble Gregor had gone through in order to provide for his family was unappreciated, and perhaps his transformation was a necessary sacrifice for the family to survive, as it was basically a reality check.

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