Analysis and Review of Selected Dystopian Literature and Movies

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The Hunger Games is a classic novel about a woman who defeats the superior community with leadership and courage. Some of the major themes in this movie were about society and class, power, identity, the reality, politics and competition, and human sacrifice. One of the books major theme is society and class. They are people who live a rich/wealthy life and there are some who have no money at all. Because the Capitol is wealthy than the other districts, they had the Hunger games for fame and glory. For the districts, it was a punishment that the Capitol implemented for districts revolting against them. There is also the versions of reality as one of the themes in the movie. When I was watching the movie, I saw Katniss’s reaction on how the people were amused and enjoyed by the tribute killings each other as if it was a reality show but they couldn’t see that there was something so much worse that was destroying the society. The Capitol of Panem is also a show of Power because they control the people in all the districts. The Capitol enjoys broadcasting the live television of the games which shows the viewers how there is no sense of humanity.

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Blade Runner: it was a very different movie than the others because of the extraordinary futuristic technology that would probably exist in the future. The story was very interesting and fascinating by the fact that someone’s memories would be put into a new sleeve or body. But, in the movie, Deckard was given the responsibility to “hunt” or to “retire” the four-android fugitive replicants causing chaos in the city. One purpose of the movie that I couldn’t able to understand is about the main purpose of the movie? Why there was a need to kill the replicants? Was it even illegal to have replicants formed? When I saw the movie, in the end, the scene where Roy Batty gives in also felt like even though they were against the system, they had the values of humans. Some things that could be noticed about Deckard is that he had a very reserved mentality, where he couldn’t realize whether killing a replicant was a bad thing or was just part of his job. One could notice his guilty behavior when he drinks alcohol to forget about it. Deckard could be also seen to be very protective about Rachel, and since meeting her, he made sure that she isn’t hurt in his killing crusade. Just by the cinematography, the theme background of the movie was dark and night which could indicate about the dystopian society of the future. There is low-key lighting throughout the whole film that representing how dreary the future is and there is always the conflict of being hidden in the shadows.

Advantageous: The setting of the movie reminds me of the scenes of the Blade Runner which consists of the high skyscrapers and flying vehicles where technology was advanced. In the beginning scenes, they should how every person could be surveillance and in a way, I thought that it was like invading someone’s privacy and life. In the movie, one could also notice and infer about the complex education that is being taught in schools. Jules, as a junior high student, could talk and discuss complex scientific theories which show the amount of progression that has taken place in the communities. In the movie, the lady mentions how the education professions have gone pure tech which I assume is that there is a dependence on

Artificial intelligence. Gwen Koh, Jules mother, shows signs of fear and anxiety when she realizes that the artificial intelligence was in role or authority for her job search. In Jules, we can see how hard it has become for her to fit into the society where she has to look nicer and classy, play sports, do more volunteer work, study more, and be nicer. One can see how much burden she has on her shoulder at a younger age. As the story progress, the idea of scientific technology progressing at a cost of someone’s expenditure of life violates the value of humanity and virtues of technological progress.

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