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Analysis Of A Discourse Community

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Several different communities can be found all around the world. These communities all have certain values and all focus together on one particular thing, such as religion or common interests. The community of craft and DIY enthusiasts is indeed very interesting. These individuals share the commonness of hoarding various arts and craft supplies, not having to stress over employment opportunities, often spending any available free time searching Pinterest and YouTube for craft and art inspiration, and also spending time engaging in many crafting activities. A common issue found in the arts and crafts community is the hoarding of arts and craft supplies. Andrew McCormick, from theheartofed. com, admits he hoards zip ties, duct tape, wood glue, styrofoam, and electrical equipment due to his interest for the arts. However, according to domesblissity. com, hoarding and being frugal are two entirely different things. The author of this article states that, “I always hang onto things thinking they might come in handy one day and usually do”. Some of the items hoarded are small, such as buttons and trinkets. In some cases, the items can be quite large, such as canvases to paint on.

Results from a poll on wetcanvas. com showed that approximately forty-three percent of the participants in the poll admitted they had an issue with hoarding craft supplies. A member on wetcanvas. com, Art Rabbit, commented on the poll page stating, “Do you have a tendency, like me, to be a hoarder because of your creativity? To buy too many supplies or save stuff to upcycle perhaps more than you should? ” Art Rabbit admits to hoarding, but wants to change the outlook on this issue in the arts and crafts community. Hoarding is a commonality between the members of the arts and crafts community. Another commonality the members of the arts and crafts community share is the opportunities the talent provides. According to bls. gov, artists can be employed in a variety of settings. The members can work in private art studios, businesses, and from their own homes. The Arts Council states that forty-one percent of creative workers are self-employed. According to the guardian. com, jobs open all the time for artists. According to careermatch. com, some jobs for “artsy” people include a painter, a tattoo artist, or a photographer. The job outlook for an artist is also something the members of the society consider. The percentage of growth for the arts and crafts community could vary, because production can be slower with handmade items.

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According to bls. gov, the job outlook for artists is expected to rise six percent from 2016 to 2026. A stamping business, called Stampin’ Up, has several job opportunities where crafters using stamps can have their own home business. Theguardian. com states that members commonly self-promote their artwork by posting creations on social media. Some of these media sources include, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In addition, artists in this society are usually social and often take on internships to find the perfect job. According to internships. com, there are several internships available to artists in many areas of the country. The citizens of this culture engage in various crafting activities that vary from season to season. In the spring, there are shows for spring art and Easter crafts. In the summer, there are picnics with crafts that are enjoyable for the children attending to make. Fall brings much fun, such as pumpkin patches, hayrides, and fairs. The crafting society definitely participates in this. It is fun to paint faces and make fall-themed crafts with the children of the society. Other activities in the crafting sector of society include, but are not limited to, creating edible arts, sewing fabric crafts, and creating crafts out of beads. The various crafting this society does provides enjoyment and relaxation for the community. The types of arts and crafts each society member chooses to make can vary. Arts and crafts are two different terms that mean completely different things when applied to this society. Visual-arts-cork. com states that art can either be decorative or applied. Decorative art includes things such as furniture and wall decorations. Applied art is a term that describes a field of art that applies design to everyday items. An example of this type of craft could be a pottery bowl that one could eat soup out of.

According to thoughtco. com, some of the crafts made are also textile crafts, which are crafts that have to do with fabric or yarn. Paper crafts, which are made out of a variety of papers, are commonly made in this society as well. The various ways to craft are a treasure to the members of this society. The inspiration for the crafts in this society can spur from pretty much anywhere. It doesn’t matter where the inspiration comes from as long as the members have ideas to craft from. Crafters will spend hours searching Pinterest, Facebook, and several other sites searching for the perfect craft to make. In addition, craft blogs and YouTube are amazing sources for craft inspiration as well. If a crafter is experiencing a block in his or her creativity, thesprucecrafts. com has some good ideas that the society members frequently use to unblock their minds. These ideas include, using the internet to find inspiration, meditation, taking a break or stepping away, contacting other creative people for ideas, listening to music, and or having a creative day out. Visiting an inspirational place or keeping a creative journal could also be helpful in this situation.

All of these ideas can help clear the fog of the members heads when they can’t think of what to make. The type of inspiration needed for making crafts varies depending on the time of the year. Each season brings new crafts and new inspiration. Butterfly crafts are common during the spring and summer, leaf and pumpkin crafts are common during the chilly fall months, and snowflake and snowman crafts are for the cold, long winter season. There are several ideas for these types of crafts in a variety of sources. If searched for hard enough, the inspiration for crafts can come from pretty much anywhere in this society. The society of a DIY crafter is certainly an interesting one. This community matters because eventually, one may want to learn how to make DIY crafts for themselves. The members of this society could assist the individual who wants to learn in doing so. The individuals in the arts and crafts community share several commonalities such as hoarding various arts and craft supplies and not having to stress over employment opportunities. Most of their free time is spent searching Pinterest and YouTube for craft and art inspiration. They also engage in many crafting activities throughout the whole year. The arts and crafts community always has something going on during every season of the year. It is a wonderful community to be a part of.


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