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Analysis Of A Group Dynamics

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Each of us spends much of his time in different groups at work, at home, on a visit, or at an educational institution. People in groups work, relax, create families, raise children. They come into contact with other people, interact, help each other, or vice versa compete. A group is a people united by the same interests, goals, and problems. A group may consist of 2 or more people. Numbers of people depend on the goal they want to achieve. People in the group create rules, norms, traditions, and customs. A person needs a group and depends on it, there is a mutual willingness to help and support, motivate and carry out assigned tasks. In the process of achieving common goals, the leader and followers single out. Competitive behavior is an integral part of the group.

There are good and bad qualities groups. In good qualities, groups are high productivity, emotional support. , effective solutions and a plan of actions. Members have a positive influence, argue among themselves, give logical arguments, motivate. In bad qualities groups, there are barriers to making decisions, anonymity, necessary risks, extreme positions, a lack of a plan and tense situations. Members of such a group have a negative impact, can manipulate, intimidate and create conflicts. People usually join groups for self-realization, a new acquaintance, gain experience and knowledge, self-enhancement and develop self-identity. In bad qualities groups, there are situations when personal goals interfere with a group, because of this occur conflicts. In good qualities groups, personal goals help to achieve group goals. A cohesive group focuses on a common goal and each helps to achieve it. Many types of activities are not possible alone. The participation in groups provides a self-realization possibility, the opportunity for material resources. Someone is looking for support to survive unpleasant feelings in difficult situations. Sometimes people come together for approval, respect, and trust. In such groups, a person gets the pleasure of communicating with people close to him psychologically.

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Each member of groups performs his functions. Leaders take great responsibility. They think logically, work quickly, result oriented, and prefer control. Nevertheless, there are people who take care of the initiative, they are creative, full of enthusiasm, they like changes. Relations, mutual support, cohesion, a desired result in a short period depending on all members. But the process of promoting and developing a group is difficult due to lack of time, lack of knowledge, poor group skills and lack of commitment. For the efficiency of the group, there should be a distribution of responsibilities and mutual respect. It’s important to purposefully establish tone and leader has credibility.

Divide 2 types of groups characteristics effective and ineffective. Effective characteristics when people show caring for all, coordinate all actions with each other, have similar ideas for strategies to achieve goals. They have a good deal cohesion. In such groups people are more motivated, they are more sensitive. Success with such support and understanding is much easier. Resolve conflicts peacefully and success on the work done is obvious.

In groups with ineffective characteristics, conflicts often arise, which interferes with general communication. People become selfish, do not care about other members of the group. Everyone engages in his goals, there is a scapegoat and as a result, the group breaks up and there is no success.

Based on the above, I want to summarize. In any group in the first place should use “We” instead of “I”. We have to negotiate and agree to all actions. All members of the group should have common interests and goals. It is very important to motivate and support, especially in difficult moments. An integral part of the success of the group when members understand and meld personal goals with team goals. Appreciate each for their strengths and weaknesses, because we are all different and complement each other. Only in this way we can achieve better results and success.


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