Analysis of Carbon Monoxide and Sulfur Dioxide as Air Pollutants

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The two air pollutants that will be mentioned in this essay are carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. The first one that I will be mentioning is carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide does not have smell, taste or color and cannot be seen by people. Carbon dioxide is a gas that is formed by incomplete burning of fuels. When people come in contact with CO gas, the CO molecules replace the oxygen in them and therefore leads to poisoning. CO can be very dangerous for humans because it can cause them to be sick (flu) or become ill without even noticing that it is because of the CO. However, “The same data shows that another 307 people visit emergency department each year for treatment of symptoms linked to unintentional CO exposure”. Some sources about carbon monoxide would be motor vehicles, water heaters, gas stoves and ovens and clothes dryers. Carbon monoxide does not have much of an impact on the environment, but reacts with other pollutants in the air.

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The next pollutant that I will be talking about will be sulfur dioxide. Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with a very strong odor. It is a liquid and it can be dissolved in water very quickly and easily. Sulfur dioxide in the air comes especially from actions that involve the burning of coal and oil at power plants or from copper smelting. Sulfur dioxide threats human health when is it being breathed in by humans. It irritates the nose and throat therefore it causes humans to sneeze and cough or even shortness of their breath. The effects of sulfur dioxide on human appear very quickly on them and could last about 10 to 15 minutes. Most people who have or experience those type of problems most frequently, ending up having asthma or similar conditions. One example would be in Australia that is being done to manage sulfur dioxide. “The Australian Government has taken steps to manage and reduce the amount of sulfur dioxide produced. These include: implementing national fuel quality standards; supporting the implementation of tighter vehicle emission standards; and promoting alternative fuels”. The environmental effect of sulfur dioxide is that when is combines with water and air it results as sulfuric acid.

The United States Environmental protection agency is an agency of the federal government of the U.S.A that was created to protect humans health and environment by enforcing regulation by Congress. The California Air resources Board gathers air quality and designs the implements air models. The ARB uses the quality and emissions inventory models. It is used to estimate air quality and reduce emissions. The 13 regulation s motor vehicle and the 17 regulation is public health. According to it illustrates that “The Clean Air Act is the law that defines EPA’s responsibilities for protecting and improving the nation’s air quality and the stratospheric ozone layer. The last major change in the law, the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, was enacted by Congress in 1990. Legislation passed since then has made several minor changes” The Clean Air Act like passes through Congress. In the fuel mix electricity resources mix 2014, compares the coal, Large Hydro, Natural gas, nuclear, petroleum, other and renewables in the United States and California, and it shows that California has a higher percentage than the United States in the electricity resources in 2014. The coal blooded has a Low-income neighborhoods is proportionally affected by the environmental problem because coal plants are responsible of large portion of toxic admission which directly poison local communities.

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