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With the increasing level of competition , consumer preference becomes a major factor. However marketers are finding in differentiating the items offerings in their consumer’s mind , as discover that their offsprings are becoming increasing similar with lines between them becoming blurred and non-differentiable (Bitner & Booms,1999). Perhaps Patanjali Ayurveda is is fastest growing consuming goods in india. PAL is started by 2006 by Baba Ramdev Acharya Balkrishna . Over few last couple of years Patanjali is taking extremely large share of market of India .The revenue registered by Patanjali was INR 5000 crores in 2015-2016 and now it is growing at 150% over last few years .There is no any stake holded by Baba Ramdev. The report and the cautions shows through herbal and ayurvedic ,all firms need for boosting up the innovations.

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The marketing strategy is that in which all the aims and objectives are combined to form a one particular goal. If we talk about ayurveda it has adopted great strategy which includes the 4P’s in marketing. It gives better valued items for customer as compared with their competitors.


Ramdev’s patanjali products doesn’t able to fulfill the requirement of quality during testing concluded from RTI results . from laboratory in uttrakhand nearly 31.68% foreign mattered is find for shivlingi’s beej and juice made of amla contain least quantity of ph then showed with lots of problems with them.whereas the manager of PAL didn’t accept the revealed by saying that “it’s a natural product ,we can’t change this ?”.


Here are some crisis PAL faced during their quality test

1. Recalling the items to nepal: the department of Nepal of drugs administration failed the six patanjali items medically by microbial testing by doing inspection on many specimens

2. Products of low quality: the divya’s juice and shivlinga beej are the products of inadequate quality by haridwar ayurvedic andunani office.

3. Army removes amla juice: the CSD,taken out this juice from their canteen for selling it when found faulty in testing by lab.


Patanjali answered about this issue by ayurvedic,yog and naturopathy ,unani , sidda and homoepathy (AYUSH) department certifies that this amla juice is one of highest buying item by the consumers. They tell that we are objecting for raising this type of question on our firm we already taked care of our procducts. The consumers are providing effective feedback for these things and also consuming effectively.


Philippe Silberzahn and Phillip A Cartwright ,in their article “Acting to see: when disruptive times call for disruptive marketing “,(EBC issue 29.summer 2007) say that “disruptive “markets ,are overturning old market certainties.

There are large number of products of this LTD that compete with else companies for prices , quantity and also have different food range such as almond mix ,a rose sherbet and gooseberry juices. Large firms are now thinking about how they fight with PAL items as they had already build the scale . It started from 200 items in 2014 and reached to 5000 franchise during 2016.” Patanjali had registered a nearly 80 %growth in penetration , who has about 5% points on an absolute level , in one year “ said K Ramakrishnan , general manager ,IMRB kantar worldpanel. PAL has attained very good position in less time period as it is unpredicted that dabur is likely to be almost same as PAL but haven’t gained such success yet which has disrupted india’s ayurveda.


Some of global brands are not striked with patanjali’s goods . The expanding of association by thousands of consumed items in different cities. The PAL is building sharing with future group which provides more than 300 of its items in 77 groups. “ There wasa great demand for the interesting range of goods “said Biyani who has intended ten billion rupees from their items of this firm.

The controversial for maggi noodles came in front of society then PAL went for the making of noodles like this as earlier they had no any plans for this but after that it goes viral. That is why the company is focusing for upliftment of their items such as atta noodles by replacing nestle brand as it goes through many crisis in their maggi noodles.


PAL can hold sharing of 10 out of 25 division in double-digit market. Morever with this they have to face many challenges in their pathways like loyalty. The major problem for this is that the optimum path to traverse the dealing of order of goods .till now the distribution have been easy as it goes from producing area to distributor after that it direct goes to stores. As PAL wanted to trigger their sales for that it would have to expand more quickly .PAL wants for availability in the goods in 2 million stores after the ending of year 2006 in contrast with 0.2 million.

Another necessary questioning arising was that founder of patanjali that is Ramdev is how linked with PAL company means they have to assure that after the baba how this emotional connection will remain same like this in future time . as we see that the stronger brands survive over couple of years, for example –coca cola ,BMW and many more. So this should be understood by PAL and need to build quickly.


Firms are increasingly recognizing the brand are among the mostly valuable assets (Madden et at .2006;Simon and Sullivan). At least partially in response , academics are also intensifying the attention directed toward understanding the meaning and value of brands and the process of branding ( Berry 2000 ;Keller 1993 ; Schouten et al . 2007).PAL in coming time will definitely develop eagerly. This firm has disturbed all the FMCG sector –globally as well as domestically. In coming years the PAL wants to enter in internationally because of least or not availability of ayurveda products.


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