Analysis of Different Types of Power

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The legitimizing power is linked exclusively to the function, not to the person. It is based on the authority of formal superiors within a corporate hierarchy and at the same time reflects the company’s power position. A leader has power, regardless of his or her qualifications or personality, simply because of their position, which opens up to them certain possibilities of influencing and compelling the employees, which, conversely, do not exist.

If the hierarchies are accepted and acknowledged by the employees, the management positions can be used to influence the employees. But power does not just go from top to bottom, because the relationship of dependence between boss and subordinate is always a mutual one. Any supervisor can have problems when an employee refuses to cooperate or goes directly to confrontation. One or the other employee may use this “joker”: This kind of exercise of power is called the “power of weakness”. An example is for legitimizing power is Tim Cook at Apple.

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An executive should exude credibility and authenticity, which is why personal appearance plays a crucial role. The biggest difficulty is to find his own personal style. There is no typical appearance of power: the facets range from extreme dominance over sober-analytical appearance to unobtrusive charm. Unfortunately, many powerful people confuse a decided, unerring and assertive demeanor with pseudo-authoritarian power. After all, not loud words count, but (also silent) acts.

Most power people also make use of a certain external effect. After all, the power of the personality depends above all on trusting a person to really put into effect sanctions in the room.

If one proves competence and charisma in his leadership position, the leadership power is usually considered justified. An example for this power is Oprah.

The expert power is based on a head start in the field of expertise. The higher the knowledge and capability lead, the greater the power. People with expertise, with detailed expertise and specific skills become familiar. An example of this power is Neil de Grass Tyson.

Even among the most powerful, there are only a few who can do without the power source of the relationship network. Relationships and networks are more or less obvious to any company.

As a rule, anyone who has not simply inherited power but has worked hard has invested a great deal of time and effort into building and maintaining an extensive network of relationships. Without a widely ramified and influential network of relationships, it is virtually impossible to achieve a position of power in the first place. After all, power needs one thing: sponsors and fellow combatants. That’s why it’s important to use networks from the very beginning and not only look for confidants and supporters, but also to inform themselves about the competition. Through good personal contacts and the right networks, information can be targeted or retrieved. And knowledge is power. An example of this power is Donald Trump.

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