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Analysis Of Different Views On The Idea Of Globalization

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Globalization is an irrevocable and appealing phenomenon. It is very famous all over the world. While dilate on the subject, it is important to note that globalization not only affects us as a resident but also as “producer-consumer in the global wealth”.

In the modern fashionable world, intense debate revolve around the term “globalization”, which is even today a permanent topicBefore exploring the concept, we should seize over the different definitions of the happening. Globalization can be defined as “closely consistent grouping of market in terms of goods, military and capital”. It can also be defined as steady corrosion of boundaries between states through increased economic interdependence and inter association can be termed as globalization. There is different theory about the opening of the idea of globalization.

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Some are of the vision that it started from the mid of 20th century with forest conference 1944. “While” the others are of the view that this concept was properly ongoing with the institution of W.T.O. in 1995. Whatever the actuality is, it is true that the speed of globalization was accelerated with World trade Organization. The main schedule of this organization was to end edge and tie up the trade between the states.

World bank also came in this battle of development of globalization and identify three waves of globalization focusing on economic assimilation:

  1. First wave of globalization from 1854 to 1914.
  2. Second wave of globalization from 1945 to 1973.
  3. Third wave of globalization from 1973 till today.

There are two schools of opinion about speculation of globalization. First are of the view that globalization is a lucky thing. It is the device of peace and success. It is the portent of progress and success. It is indispensable process in the modern up to date world. We cannot reject its importance in our daily life from kitchen tools to trade machinery. One may commend or criticize; the world is so prepared that it is inescapable.

Others are of the view that globalization is a tool of disturbance It is only in the benefit of rich and improvement and progressive. They are also of the view that globalization is a method of neocolonialism. With the appearance of world trade organization and end of cold battle this conception evolved. Last but not the slightest they are of the view that it is a theory of indirect livelihood. The third means of globalization is telecommunication. Telescope has made things achievable There was a time when kings took Six months to meet a self-governing of another state, now contact means made it so easy that an ordinary human can talk to a person who is meeting hundreds and thousands miles away on a very cheap expenditure. They are always organized. Physical distances have been made unrelated through these communication means. It is a first mean to swap ideas. For example face book, one can share his ideas and in no time he will get the reaction from friends or people who are going to be exaggerated by his idea. It is a quick way to connect into trade. In addition, it is also serving people to involve in biased discourses. The people today are well alert of the governmental policies.It is also imperative to note that there are more than one billion people who are the telephone subscribers. All through the decades of 1990s the numeral of people using telephone were doubled after every 20 months. So we can see that how swiftly people of this fashionable world are being used to of it.

Moreover, electronic medium is another tool of globalization. We can say that medium is the other way of squeeze the world into one whole. It has become the best ever way of interrelate the world. Incident phenomenon in one part of the world can be seen in other parts of the globe during it very quickly. It is the strongest mean of meaningful and believing what’s occurrence. It is also a tool of misinformation. In the current world, people and states use it for their own self attention and safe support of others in their conduct. We have a new example of Iraq war. Media played an important role in this fussy war. The U.S. Government propagates on media that Saddam has nuclear arms which is the biggest risk to America himself and the whole world. In spite of the fact that 152 countries contrasting him in United Nations, America attacked on Iraq under the article 52 of the United Nations. Then again it is also important to note that it was the identical media who reported that there were no nuclear arms found in Iraq. So, it has performed both the role.

The story not ends here, another important means of globalization is internet. It is the internet which swiftly and, summarize the world into a small box. Whatever you need, whatever u wish for, you can have it throughout internet. There are 200 million people who are by means of computer in their daily life and 95% of them are using individual computer. One out of every 12 is using internet. It has impressive for everyone.


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