Analysis of Factors Affecting Perceived E-Learner Satisfaction Among Multimedia University Students

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This research concerned on factors affecting perceived E-learner satisfaction among Multimedia University students. The dependent variable is factors affecting perceived E-learner satisfaction while independent variables are learner attitude towards computers, e-learning course flexibility, perceived usefulness, perceived anxiety and diversity in assessment. Education is one of the most essential factor affecting business e-learning, thus, it gives a boost to the competitive advantages. With education, one can have a sable mind, a balance life and therefor, having a reputable stand in society and other universities. In this research, the main focus in on E-learning.

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Today, information technology has been so spread and the ordinal life has therefore been overcome by information technology based mass media. Distance learning has possessed the capacity to make adapting simple and conceivable through using new methods and devices. In this manner, exchange of information has turned out to be so quick and fast for everybody approaching internet. It can be said information technology can change all parts of learning in the 21st century ends up the challenge of social demands for education globally. The main target for this research is on perceived e-learners satisfactions which make that as the dependent variable. Factors affecting perceived e-learners satisfactions among Multimedia University students are learner attitude toward computers, e-learning course flexibility, perceived usefulness, perceived anxiety and diversity in assessment. A more positive attitude towards information technology (IT), for example at the point when learner are not anxious of the multifaceted nature of using computers, will result in more fulfilled and powerful learner in e-learning environment.

Positive attitude toward computers increase the chance of successful learning computer or laptop and from this can reduce learner stress and negative attitude. E-learning course will bring a flexibility to e-learners because of the quality of well-designed e-learning programs in the point of reference factor for learners when considering e-learning. Quality is another essential factor affecting learning effects and satisfaction in e-learning. The assumption is that the more learners perceive usefulness in courses conveying media, course sites and record transmitting programming, the more positive their attitude are toward e-learning, subsequently enhancing their learning experiences and satisfaction, and expanding their chances for using e-learning in the future.

Computer anxiety is described as full of feeling reaction, and has been characterized as a fear of utilizing computers, particularly am emotional fear of potential negative results for example harming the fear or seeming silly. Diversified assessment strategies and apparatuses, user’s satisfaction will rise because of feedback from the assessment. Multimedia University improve their skills in different assessment methods as perceived by learners.

In order to satisfy e-learner demands, e-learning must be manage precisely and knowingly. Internet get to ensure the possibility of a world-class training at negligible, if not free, costs. There is no doubt that, in coming years, education will change; the test is to ensure this change will decidedly influence world development. To have the capacity to improve the world e-learning should be successful, and to enhance its performance need to understand the factor affecting it. Multimedia University is a private university in Malaysia. Students from local and international come to multimedia University to achieve their target profession and have a better future in life, hence it is essential for Multimedia University to improve their e-learning system, as it will be one of the core ways to increase university profit and their technology, thus, a step closer to achieve mission which is getting global recognition by the year 2020.

What seems to be the problem?

Well, there are some of dissatisfaction from e-learner in Multimedia University stating that, the e-learning services in multimedia university is going down. Employees are not being trained well in this case the students in the university. Other than that, students in Multimedia University have lack of involvement in internet usage while access into the e-learning system. Low quality students will give Multimedia University a negative view. Lecturers do not know well to access the e-learning blended such as Google classroom and kahoot quiz. In fact, technology in Multimedia University are getting out-dated and has not been upgrade for a long time. The most common problem faced by students is low Wi-Fi because of this they feel difficult to access online e-learning. Day by day their Wi-Fi getting bad to worst. Thus, for these reasons, the e-learning technology need to be improved over time to increase the services quality, therefore, satisfying customers as they are the main target for university’s profits, their quality, motivate and believer students to involve more on e-learning blended so with that they have excellent achievement in e-learning, train the lecturers how to use technology before the students.

Hence, students are attracted to the way they conduct class the lecturers and finally upgrade technology so that Multimedia University have a better look inside and outside. With that, Multimedia University are able to achieve their mission statement which is, “To be the top 200 and to get global recognition by the year 2020”.

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