Analysis of Impacts of Using Mobile Phones Among the Bhutanese Youth

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Analyse the impacts of using mobile phones among the Bhutanese Mobile phone has revolutionized the daily life of Bhutanese teenagers since 2003 with rapid growth in its popularity. The adaptation of the mobile phone by teenagers has been global concerns in recent decadesand it has turned from technological tool to a social tool. It is now an integral part of teenagers’ everyday life and for majority is the most popular form of electronic communication. Teenagers have adopted mobile phone in a more impressive way such as group discussion and class presentation through social Medias such as Messenger, Facebook and WeChat.

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However, Bhutanese teenagers are globally indebted with mobile phones thus leading to more concerns in academic ethics, social life and cyber bullying. Impacts of mobile phones are overwhelming to the Bhutanese teenagers causing certain negative impacts on academic performance and its ethics. The mobile phone gives room to blending students’ roles with other ethics thus distracting and disturbing the students’ academic wheel.

Mobile phone has the power to undermine the schools’ authority and weaken their control over students’ as well as affects their level of academic performances. Teachers for instance have to cope with the students who are bringing mobile phones in the classroom which not only distracts the lesson as well as other classmates when it rings during the session. When assigned with task such as assignments and project works, the information are directly obtained through online sources thus leading to plagiarisms which creates less opportunity to explore and obtaining low grades in the subject. Students’ using mobile phones produces low academic performance due to the busy schedules in the social Medias such as Facebooks, messengers and WeChat. Those social media creates space for the students to form groups leading to problematic issues such as gang fight and ragging which is against the wheel of the school. Thus, the integration of mobile phones into the lives of the teenagers is creating some difficulties in academic ethics that have to be managed and coped up.

Addiction to mobile phones among Bhutanese teenagers is a concern in fact, it turned from technological tool to a social tool, therefore threatening the normal social life styles sometimes leading to generation gap or weak family bond. Being addicted to mobile phones can ruin the relationship between them and their family thus affecting the structure and closeness among themselves. This is because when they are addicted they usually donot come out of the room and refuse to communicate with the family. It made them at least somewhat harder to forget about work at home or on the weekends to give people their undivided attention and even difficult for them to focus on the certain task without being distracted. (Schreiner, 2008). This not only creates generation gap but also undermines the physical as well as mental health of a teenagers from the radiation emitted by mobile phone ruins our eye sights and makes them lazy and inactive due to staying in one corner of the house. Today one can no longer see the Bhutanese teenagers gathered around their family elders and listening to stories and fables or in the field with khuru and dego, which are prominent about a decade ago and now it has become a myth. Therefore the Bhutanese teenagers are barred with mobile phone creating distance among their family and societal norms. However, theaddiction of Bhutanese teenagers on mobile phone is a concern;cyberbullying seems to increase its phase. Bullying is a common form of teenager violence which historically affects young people whilst at school, travelling to and from school or in other public places.

The actual physical presence between a bully and victim is no longer necessary for bulling to occur as it widely has been deliberate, unremitting and repetitive and is often used as a form of social exclusion. When gossip and written word marry, they give birth to mercurial sentence (Zam, 2009). One of the few studies that have investigated this phenomenon found that most of the victims of cyber bulling were bullied by texting (Campbell, 2005). Another disturbing component of this type of bulling is that information can be transmitted to a global audience in a relatively short period of time resulting in increased public humiliation. A significant part of mobile phone has video and photo capabilities. This raises issues of privacy where students can be photographed in restroom and their photos are shared through social Medias (Obringer, 2007).

As a result the violated teenager sometimes becomes upset scared or depressed that they see no worth in themselves and no way out of their torment(Times, July 6, 2018). Bullying in all its forms is widely accepted as being the most pervasive form violence among teenagers and without intervention can inevitably escalate into serious forms of antisocial behavior thus leading to harassment, discrimination, outing, flaming, trickery, spreading lies, disclosing personal information, and gossiping. Although mobile phones have certain positive impacts on Bhutanese teenagers, they are challenging the revolution of mobile phone which has undermined the school and educational society. They are overpowered by mobile phones which made them atleast difficult to manage family bond and get together. It has evolving impact on social life and self threatening with cyberbullying which reaches at home where ones need to feel safe.

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