Analysis of "Ishbane Conspiracy" Written by Randy Alcorn

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Analysis Of “Ishbane Conspiracy” Written By Randy Alcorn

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The Ishbane Conspiracy written by Randy Alcorn tells the story of the beginning college students who will have to depend on one another to keep their faith and not draw close to the demonic spirits. The four characters will be introduced to many different situations that could either end their lives or ruin each other’s friendships forever.

The first character on the list is Brittany who has major problems that will be exposed and attacked by the demonic spirits. First off, loves to party, drink alcohol, loves guys, outgoing, but trusts nobody, loves to live life on the edge, partakes in demonic games, as known as occult, hated home, and loves college. These are major factors that will get Brittany into a lot of trouble and hard predicaments that she will have to solve. The first mistake was joining other kids in a dark room, who were playing and distributing tarot cards and interpreting them. This is opening the door and acquiring demonic spirits into your life and heart. The second and the far worst problem is rejoining with her ex-boyfriend, Ian, who she then becomes pregnant with. This act was influenced by demons who wanted to test her passionate love for Ian and wanted to take their relationship further. Because of this, both Brittany and Ian had to make some strong decisions that will change their lives forever. They either keep the baby or kill it and keep it a secret.

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The second character is named Ian who is Brittany’s boyfriend and is an exceptional athlete who immerses himself in occult activity and hasn’t had any interactions with God.

The third character is named Rob who is an erstwhile gang-banger that struggles with guilt, pain, and a recent discovery of faith and God. The last and main character of the story is Jillian who is best friends with Brittany who had already been introduced to God, been to church, and has a Christian living family who abides by God’s standards. She has to learn that in every bad situation, she has to lean on God and ask for his help and not depend on herself to fix the problems. Or the influence of others rejecting the faith and influencing her decisions to jump on the bandwagon. There is spiritual warfare moving through these characters and throughout this book. It is very important to stay true to God and let him fight the battles rather than these characters avoid God and his angels, because they are afraid that God will either lose or quite. “Mr. Foulgrin, there is nothing wrong in bringing shame to the enemy’s name by luring his children into immortal escapades, then hanging out their dirty laundry before the world. Sexual and financial scandals are my favorites and destroying their friendships, families, and churches are the best way to lead them to destruction.” The enemy will try to manipulate your mind and twist reality to ruin God’s spiritual growth in you and for others who are influenced by you. It is like a disease that can be spread. The only way to cure it is by sticking with God and letting him move into your heart. And the most important thing is to let him fight your battles. “So that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes.”

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