Analysis of Israel-palestine Relations: Problem and Solution

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It all started in Austro-Hungarian empire way back late 19th century where 10 different nations wanted to become a state. According to Theodor Herzl “The Jewish people should leave the Europe and should live in their own state.” Which leads to the birth of the Zionism which is the concept of Jewish Nationalism. Israel was considered as a state for the Jews more than a Jewish states. The Sinai and Palestine campaign was fought between the British empire and the Ottoman empire. Which was supported by the German empire it started way back 1915 where the Ottoman empire attempted to raid the Suez canal that ended to the Armistice of Mudros in 1918 that lead to the cession of Ottoman Syria and Palestine. The British government is hoping for the support of the Jewish people back then that leads to the vow of proclamation that the establishment in the Palestine of a national home for Jewish people which is odd considering that the Palestine was still a part of the Ottoman Empire when the British Government made this deal. On the other hand the British Government was an over promiser for they have made a deal with themselves, the Zionist, and to the Meccans that states that they would have/give the Palestine to the Zionist and to the Meccans.

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After the World War I the British established a colony in Palestine and will rule until the Palestinians are able to rule on their own. Palestine became a place where it is a hotpot of religion for it became a home for the Muslims, Jews, and to the Catholics. With that it resulted into a having hard time to cooperate with one another even if the British Government made different institutions for the said Religions. Around 1920-1930 the population of the Jews increased, the Jewish community was able to control the land property since they were able to buy land properties from the Arab-Palestinians that made them secured on the society in Palestine. Take note that the Jews was only 30% of the population in Palestine. With that practice of the Jewish people in Palestine it made a tension between the Arab-Palestinians against the Jews. The Palestine revolt erupted at 1936, The British heavily suppressed the Palestine revolt. That leads to the British to issue the white paper that limits the Jewish immigrants to get in to the Palestine plus the establishment of joint Arab and Jewish state in the next 10 years that leads to disappointment to the people of Palestine. British realized that Palestine was a more of a trouble than what they worth so they decided to pass it on to the newly created United Nations. The partition plan came to separate the land of the Jewish and the Palestine but instead of dividing it equally and symmetrically. The division was more of a separated land mass that looks like a jigsaw puzzle. After the plan was announced, The Arab-Israelites war broke up. Israelites won and got a 1/3 more than the proposed land of the UN. The Palestinians fled and became refugees. The Palestine became stateless, 18 years after there was no change in territorial land but when 1967 came the six day war occurred. The Israelites was able to capture the West bank, Gaza strip and the Sinai Peninsula. The UN tried to make peace with the two nations but sadly it failed due to many reasons.


The Palestine is a nation that became a mere possession that the British are willing to trade to other state or nation without considering the situation of the native Palestinian that lives in the nation of Palestine. Palestinian is now a term to address people who considered themselves as a part of the historical population of the Palestinians that lives in the Palestine before the Israelites took over their nation. Israelite became an invasive nation that took over the rights of many people including the native Palestinians and to the other minorities that lived in the land of Palestine making the Palestinian stateless. Considering that the Jews which are also known as the Israelites was just a minority that was able to secure and manipulate their stand on the society in the Palestine they were given a chance to populate and prosper. That leads to their growth as a nation that will soon take over the whole Palestine. The British Government doesn’t contribute a lot of good things even if their intentions are good it caused more harm than help. There are an abundant issue of Establishments, vows, and etc. that the British Government has released.


The solution is here that the British Government shouldn’t have meddled with the affairs of the Palestine. They shouldn’t have made a deal with the Jews and to the Meccans at that time considering that the Palestine was still a part of the Ottoman Empire. They shouldn’t have asked for the support of the Jews since the British Empire is considered big already. Also the Jews should remember that they aren’t really a native citizen in the Palestine. They also came from the Europe and they shouldn’t have take over the Palestine in that way. They could just have a peace treaty that states that they would divide the Palestine into two equal parts rightfully and symmetrically. The UN shouldn’t have just proposed that plan in the first place since it didn’t really help but instead it added fuel to the feud of the Israelites against the Palestinians.


In my personal opinion when my hypothetical solution came into a reality I would think that it’ll be more efficient in terms of addressing the problem between the Jews and the Arab-Palestinians. For I have recommended something that could benefit both parties equally. That it wouldn’t result into an unbalanced power and territorial claim. The war between the two wouldn’t happen in the first place and wouldn’t last until the present time unlike what is happening right now between Israel and Palestine.

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