Analysis of John Strang Murder Case


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John Strang was sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wife back in 2015. The case went to Provincial Court in Regina. He was arrested by the RCMP in August 2015 and charged with second degree murder but was later given a life sentence and no chance of parole for 17 years, for his horrendous act.

John was married to Lisa Strang, who was a director of finance for the Saskatchewan party for 11 years. This case caught my attention because after reading multiple articles about this murder, I thought… how can a human being go from no previous criminal record to getting charged for murdering his wife. Clearly, he had to have some mental illness or something going on with him to do something like this. This case also interested me more because most random act of killing cases or random criminal activity acts does involve a person having a mental disorder.

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Strang at the time of the killing was 49 years old and lived in Rockford, East of Saskatoon. In 2015 Strang did a cowardly act which sent him to federal prison, which is a sentence that is longer than two years. And provincial is a length of two years and under. Lisa Strang was 47 years old when she was fatality shot in the head and chest area with a revolver that belonged to John Strang. I think John knew he did wrong because after the killing he didn’t move the body he just left his wife’s lifeless body in their house. It’s almost like he wanted to get caught because after the act he drove to North Battleford to visit a mutual friend by the name of Lynn Larsen, who he confessed what he had done to her. John also confessed to uttering death threats to Lynn and was also charged later for that crime also.

Regina CTV News stated, “Crown prosecutor Kelly Kaip said the victim was, an easy target for a trusted person about to do a cowardly act.” Crown prosecutors are mostly responsible for prosecutions under some federal cases. Crown attorneys are lawyers who represent the government in court. According to Strang’s lawyer at the time he had a lifetime of health problems including Klinefelter syndrome which is having extra chromosomes and includes bad mood swings and depression. John Strang stated in court he “didn’t know why he did it… he just did,” so maybe his Klinefelter Syndrome had a little to do with his unforgettable killing on his wife. In January 2017 there was no preliminary hearing it went directly to trial. Preliminary hearing is described as “The trial before the trial”. So, John Strang case went directly to trial because there was enough evidence against him. According to the article the evidence and statement from the hearing couldn’t be reported because of the publication ban.

A publication ban is a court order which prohibits the public/media from spreading certain details. A lot of people in prisons these days are in because of drugs and alcohol and what they did when they were intoxicated. Most people that commit horrendous crimes do have some sort of mental illness or damages. In John’s case he in my opinion should have been sent to an institution that specializes in helping offenders with mental issues and help them get better. Because when offenders get out and if they have a mental issue, a lot of them end up going back to prison because they don’t know how to react to general population and don’t have the correct tools to survive in the real world. I am not saying Strang didn’t deserve the life sentence, I think he should be getting the correct help he needs because who knows in 17 years he could be out on probation and don’t have the correct tools to be out in the communities.

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