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Analysis Of Liverpool Last Game Against City

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Actually, I feel like it is a win for Liverpool that they didn’t lose against city cause they are in form and Liverpool played the whole month against the best clubs in Europe and the players were tired. Both Lovren and Vand Djik were good, Gomez continues to amaze me, Robertson was great, I think this game would have been suitable for Shaqiri. All in all they got one point now is to focus on how they won’t slip up on the title race. Virgil was solid enough in defense i think Gomez is better at CB cause at RB he wasn’t as great but I can understand cause he played CB in all their first games and then suddenly changed back to RB and Lovren was very good considering he hasn’t started since the World Cup final. Liverpool finishing need to be a lot more decisive. Salah is off the mark too many wild passes and missed opportunities I think Shaqiri deserves a start at least to see what he can do with it. Lovern played well in the second half Joe played well too but I definitely think they missed TAA today his crosses would’ve been lovely to have. Sturridge is their inform striker at the moment, and yet he was only playing for 15 minutes or so. There wasn’t anyone from Midfield being little creative to create something for front 3. They need someone like OX. I’m sure they gonna come back after the break, because of the hard fixtures at the beginning against City, Chelsea finally over. . now they can concentrate on the other team. Liverpool fan must be happy with their start to the season!! 20 points from 24, joint top of the league and still unbeaten.

Also, they have now played their 3 hardest games of the first half of the season (city, Chelsea and Spurs) any fan that wouldn’t have taken that at the beginning of the season is deluded. Liverpool front three players need playmakers! Last season they had Ox and Emre so they could score goals! And also they need players who could pass the ball high. Liverpool midfielders are great we can’t deny that but that does not change the fact that they do need playmakers and we have to admit it. But defense is amazing I don’t think there’s a problem, Trent or Gomez they are both brilliant to me. Don’t forget these are the premier league CHAMPIONS. And Liverpool has been on bad form these last games. Keita should play more offensive and Gini too. Shaqiri should be starting. The loss of a penalty is not the end of the year for Mahrez but it is the motivation and strength of you to strive more Thank you Mahrez. You are in the heart of every Algerian. I wish you success and success.

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