Analysis of Marketing Strategy Impact on Tiktok Use in Indonesia

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These past several years, the use of social media has increased significantly and have longer-term prospects correspondingly brighter all around the world including Indonesia. The growth of social media makes people easier to organize actions and share information around their environment. (Knuttila, 2011). Not only for personal use but social media also become one of the best ways to implement marketing strategy. Social media create massive opportunities and possibility to discover customer needs and wants. (Pookulangara and Koesler, 2011).

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People gets information easily, interaction in a dialog way, and it provides information and access to community with social media. Thus, social media makes customer hold an important role to aid marketing product or service. Customer voice become strengthening in contributing to business growth and customer loyalty. (Abir, 2013) It called user-participation, become one of most the engaging mode that can applied in Social Media Marketing strategy. Generally, user-generated content is used to promote the product or services with idea and tools by the customer itself. The customer will enable to post and create content about the product or service to share on their account. Content that is shared from user to user can become viral, that’s the power of social media; it can spread without limits. Furthermore, word of mouth communication done using electronic means to promote products or services is called viral marketing via social media (Guede et al., 2017).

Viral marketing is “a marketing strategy that encourages consumers to pass along messages to others in order to generate added exposure” (Plummer, Rappaport, Hall and Barocci 2007, p.263) or “a company’s activities to make use of customers’ communication networks to promote and distribute products” (Helm 2000, p.158). It relies on customers to pass forward the message using digital platforms (Helm 2000).

One of the brands currently become the trending using viral marketing strategy tools is Tiktok. Tiktok becoming one of the most profitable and downloaded apps in the world. This free app is a combination pack of the vines, Twitter, and Instagram, with over 500 Million monthly users has surpassed the total download records of Instagram in the first half of its release. Basically, Tiktok is the short-form videos created within the app primarily focus on singing, dancing, or comedic skits, where users can utilize filters, effects, music, editing tools and more. users are encouraged to engage with the posts the view, usually either by “response” videos or “duets,” where users essentially copy another’s video and insert themselves into it. (abir, 2020)

But why did this Tiktok go viral? And more generally, why are certain pieces of online content more viral than others? The emergence of social media (e.g., Instagram and Twitter) has boosted interest in word-of-mouth and viral marketing. But while it is clear that consumers often share online content, and influences Intention to use application, less is known about why people share content or why certain content becomes viral and what’s the impact of viral content towards intention to use application. This research aims to understand the relationship between customer behaviour in viral marketing on social media to application using intention.

According to Pownall (2011), the great majority of business decision–makers feels it is now much more difficult to manage news flow and reputation and that the Internet, social media, and the need to respond extremely quickly are key challenges. Many practitioners believe that viral marketing is one of the digital business tools that contributes to the success of an application market penetration. Tiktok also uses this viral marketing to reach users as fast as possible. However, how viral marketing affects intention to use an application is still questionable

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