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In his 1953 play called The Crucible, which was written by the author, Arthur Miller employs a fictionalized account of Massachusetts Bay colonists defendant of sorcery in 1692 as a trope for presidency ill-usage of suspected communists throughout the mid-20th century. Dramatic functions have generally needed several characters to be united into one; the number of the women concerned within the 'crying out' has been reduced; Abigail's age has been raised; whereas there have been many judges of just about equal authority, I even have symbolized all of them in Danforth and Hathorne. However, I feel as the reader, that I may discover the basic nature of one of many of the weirdest and most horrible scenes in mankind.

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Main Themes of The Crucible

In the Crucible, the idea of goodness is a very big theme of the crucible. Almost everyone is upset with the idea of goodness, as a result of their religion, this teaches them that the most important, needed factor of like is however they are, they will be judged by God, whenever they die. They want to be proven smart, as a result of being smart this will build the trust of god. The neighborhood judges them as well. The characters wanted to be seen as good by the whole village to prove their “goodness”.

One very important theme throughout the Crucible is the amount of hysteria featured throughout the play. While using hysteria, it is slowly tearing apart the community. While reading, I learned that social injustice is a much bigger issue than I ever realized before. I realized how serious this case was, and how many people have fought their whole lives just to overcome the social injustice. I now understand how harsh people were on each other during these times. The Crucible is ready in an exceedingly form of government society, that is wherever the church and therefore the state area unit one, and therefore the faith may be a strict sort of Christianity referred to as Puritanism. The witch trials were the thought of how to completely restore the community’s purity of witchcraft.

Plays teach the readers about how bad the social injustice was back in the early 1960s and before. It teaches the reader that how people don't care if something had proven facts. If someone said something, the people would believe them. There have been many people that have fought their whole life to try to make things equal, or right. Sadly, many of these people were executed, or thrown in jail for going against what someone had said. There has been a few cases where people were able to convince the court, or people of a particular topic, and they won, and were not executed, or thrown in jail. Social injusted caused many people a very hard time in their lives, that they just had to deal with due to their skin color, the way they acted, or some of the disabilities that they were born with. 

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