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Campbell (2018) writes, “authentic leadership has emerged in the literature on leadership theory in explaining the relationship between leaders and followers and notes leader identification via self-reflection on identity, emotions, and motives” (p. 1705). According to the quiz, I am a process-oriented individual. Basically, I focus on the task at hand, I like facts, and I’m organized. This leadership style helps me help those around me in many ways. I am the type of person who likes to cut the fat. It’s funny because I don’t even eat the fat on my meat. I don’t like the taste of it. Honestly, giving me the life story or every event which has happened leading up to why an individual is speaking to me at a specific moment doesn’t help me help the situation on many occasions.

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I need the five “W’s” and the one “H” answered. Who is the person? Where can I find the person? What do they need? When does the task need to be completed? How can I be of assistance? Once I have the answers to those questions, I’m happy to help. As for being organized, I need files to be in certain areas and to keep a neat work space should more work be placed on my desk. A cluttered work space means a cluttered mind and can be a dangerous thing. I need to be able to focus on one thing at a time to do an effective job. Bouchey (2018) states, “you set examples as role models, demonstrating your actions and words are aligned and showing you ‘walk the talk’. ” Modeling this same behavior is what I’d want from my employees and co-workers to complete daily tasks effectively. In addition, it’s important for all individuals to be respectful. We all choose to work in the environment and we should be mindful and respectful. Once upon a time, I worked in admissions. My manager was out for one week and asked me to have a meeting and follow-up with each counselor about the students assigned to them.

Due to the respect we each had for one another, I was able to obtain all information and documents required without having to do too much. I reminded each individual to follow-up, update me on changes, and set a date when files needed to be completed. Some principles I incorporated included: teamwork, encouragement, decisions, and communication with emphasis on feedback. The purpose and performance gap was understood. Being focused on the process allowed me to have a successful meeting. Knowing all the facts helped when upper management needed updates, which proved my leadership skills to be great and should someone else be promoted, I would make a great candidate. Overall, my process-oriented leadership style works in many situations since individuals do most things with purpose.

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