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Life goals are what we work tirelessly to achieve with the aim of staying satisfied in the future. One of the goals is on living a debt free life. In most cases, people struggle through life paying debts and remaining with very little for sustenance. Living a debt-free life gives one the opportunity to be free and enjoy the full experience of life. A debt free life equally relieves a person from unnecessary anxieties. Sometimes, loans and bills taken on credit may bring the worst anxiety with people being scraped with repayments. There are also chances of increased savings and better financial health. Being debt free, I will get the opportunity of accruing additional savings which may come in hand in sorting financial emergencies or even be useful for retirement.

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My other goal is on joining the state police. They (state police) are charged with the duty of ensuring the maintenance of law and order across other states. I am a citizen who follows the law - and would like to swear to protect the law which I have witnessed many people violate the law. Some of the roles of the state police include ensuring the enforcement of the state law, giving assistance to the municipal council in case of a problem and maintaining peace. Other functions are on arresting and detaining suspected criminals, giving protection to the crime scenes and participating in the search and seizure processes to mention but a few. In the article “How setting goals in college can prepare you for a brighter future.” It say’s “choose a career for advancement, when you’re researching careers In your area of interest, choose one that has opportunities for advancement” in which criminals commit different criminal activities and end up not being held responsible. Joining the state police will give me the chance of participating in finding the criminals and bringing them to justice.

The other goal is on graduating from college. Staying for a longer duration in college denies a person the opportunity of experiencing the real struggles and challenges of life. Graduating from college will also allow me the chance to join other students in solving some of the world problems depending on the area of specialization. The achievement of graduating college is important for the development of a whole person. They generally define my vision and mission in life. Most of them are inclined towards the realization of a better future not only for myself but the nation at large.

The life goals are, therefore, a summary of what I would wish my future to look like. With hard work and determination, I am confident that they will come to pass. For me to live a debt-free life, I must be ready to work hard so that I earn enough money which can comfortably meet my needs. Joining the state police will also require me to be law abiding and ready to protect the law. Generally, all the goals are inclined towards success and require sacrifices to be achieved.

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