Analysis of Tarang and Tarang’s Target Audience

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Tarang is a tea whitener widely used across Pakistan. Tarang is owned by Engro Foods. Tarang comes in two sizes packaging i.e. 150ml and 250ml.

Target Audience.

Tarang is a tea whitener so it is basically targeting tea drinkers. There are several aspects on which we can say that their target audience is lower class residing in rural areas of Pakistan.

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Type of advertisement they make.

Advertisement is a tool by which we can figure out that what is the targeted audience of a brand, sales are also a tool but advertisement is the most powerful tool to distinguish target audience. The content in Tarang’s advertisement is dance and cultural. This kind of advertisement is commonly seen by lower middle class.


As their target audience in middle class and lower middle class, so the mindset of people is with low budget. Tarang offers its product in just Rs 20 respectively.


Tarang has segmented demographically, psychologically, geographically and socio culturally.


Age: 20-28 years.

Gender: Mostly Males.

Income: lower middle class 20,000-25,000.

Employment: Blue collar employees.

Location: commuter belt.


Tarang is focused on towards the working class of Pakistan. When workers are free from for work they need their nicotine level to boost up again so they desire tea. Tarang is a low prized product easily available at different low grade shops (DHABAS). This is also a type of psychological segmentation where demand of tea is highly observed in order to restrain nicotine level.


Tarang segmented geographically within the premises of Pakistan. To be more specified Tarang is mainly used in suburbs.


Tarang has a very good position in consumers (target audience) mind. First name which pop ups in audience mind if purchasing tea whitener is Tarang. This is because it is easily available in the specified areas. Lower and lower middle class consider it as very good product for their use because of pricing and availability. There are several competitors of Tarang alike Nestle every day; nestle has different target audience so this why it doesn’t affect Tarang’s positioning.

Value Proposition.

Tarang declares that it is the best tea whitener in Pakistan (Engro Foods). Furthermore Tarang promises to be the viscous tea whitener in market. Sale results show that Tarang is fulfilling its brand promise.

4p’s Analysis


If we see the product Tarang we see it as an emerging product in targeted market. There are several direct and indirect competitors alike Nestle Every day, Teamax and indirect may include Fresh milk at cattle farm; because all of these are playing as a role of milk in tea. The reason why Tarang is more into market because of low pricing. As target audience of Tarang suburbs, so the product packing shows festivity and joy which more attractive towards the consumer. Secondly Tarang comes in two packaging 150ml and 200ml whereas nestle everyday only comes in 200ml. There is huge price difference between both of them.


Tarang’s main tool for promotion is advertisement alike all other brands. Tarang uses television advertisement for promotion. Most of the content depicts festivity and joy in its colorful and extravagant TVCs. Furthermore Tarang promotes television programs like HERO BANNAY KI TRANG.


Since Tarang target lower and middle class so it operates in price sensitive market. Tarang has to be more conscious about the pricing. Tarang 150ml packaging is available in Rs 15 only. There are some psychological benefits as well when taking about price, in countries like Pakistan it is believed that if the product is expensive it is mire hygienic and good same goes for Tarang is we compare a cup of tea made from fresh milk and a cup made from Tarang we’ll be able to see a minor difference only.


Tarang relies on distributors and retailers for its delivery to potential consumers. In high demand areas there are shortage at times. As being FMCG Tarang must assure complete availably of product in order to maintain smooth sale.

Overall effectiveness of communication.

As I have discussed above that Tarang’s target audience in lower and middle class residing in suburbs. The way they communicate (advertising) is the type target audience want, which results in consumers more toward the product.

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