Analysis of Tesla Company and Its Success in Connecting Entrepreneurship with Innovation

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  • Abstract
  • Background
  • Introduction
  • Vehicle Industry Analysis
  • Tesla’s Current Strategy


The report will demonstrate that Tesla Company is an ideal example of a firm that succeeded in connecting entrepreneurship with innovation. It is not only an organization that has changed the paradigm of the car industry but also a company that has persistently reinvented itself through its innovative products. The purpose of this report is critically examine emerging theories of leadership and explore how they affect businesses through a case study of Elon Musk and Tesla and to highlight the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation at Tesla Company, one of the most innovative companies worldwide. This report scrutinizes schemes Tesla recruited in the foreign market, examine components that catalyzed its success and summarizes crucial administrative intimations.

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Tesla Motors Inc. is an automotive organization, which was set up in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers who needed to create electric vehicles. Particularly, Tesla Motors was established by Elon Musk (originator of PayPal), Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard. Moreover, Sergey Brin and Larry Page (the authors of Google) are among its financial specialists. In 2006, when the prime supporter and current CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk were gotten some information about their system, Hamilton (2006). expressed: “The beginning stage is an elite performance sports car, however, the long haul vision is to make cars of numerous types, including minimal costly family vehicles”. Kotler and Keller (2012) state that, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning established the organization Tesla in 2003. After this, there was gigantic development by the organization. Tesla trusts that the clients will progressively incline toward in vogue transportation and eco neighborly items. Some superior models are sold under the brand name of Tesla Motors. The car that is driving in offers is the Model S. alternate models that are popular are Roadster and Model X. The organization Tesla Motors is attempting to catch the market of Australia through the offer of Model 3, which will be on special in the 2017-2018.


Tesla Motors is a California-based company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles (EVs) and the powertrain components for such vehicles. Mangram, (2012) states that throughout the years, Tesla had been a pioneer in the EV market after introducing its disruptive battery technology and being the first serial EV manufacturer. In 2004, Elon Musk, a heavy investor in Tesla and former CEO and cofounder of PayPal, Zip2 and SpaceX, became the head of Tesla’s product design and CEO. Today, he is the new face of Tesla Motors.

Vehicle Industry Analysis

Overall, the auto-manufacturing industry is attractive and stable, with high barriers to entry and low buyers/suppliers bargaining powers. C. Electric-Vehicle (EV) Industry Analysis According to David Straus (2017), Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) is an American company that specializes in electric automobiles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California. The mission of Tesla motors is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The automobile company affirms that it is better for a world to rely on a zero-emission future, instead of fossil fuels. Elon Musk stated that (2013), “when we created Tesla a decade ago was the same as it is today: to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible. ”- Elon Musk. PALO and Calif, reported in 2018 that, Tesla vehicle conveyances speak to just a single proportion of the organization’s budgetary execution and ought not be depended on as a marker of quarterly money related outcomes, which rely upon an assortment of elements, including the expense of offers, remote trade developments and blend of straightforwardly rented vehicles. In 2018, Tesla group achievds the 5, 000 unit Model 3 generation rate. Tesla give clients a chance to see and test drive the auto at their neighborhood store, They expect that their requests will become quicker than their generation rate. 11, 166 Model 3 vehicles and 3, 892 Model S and X vehicles were in travel to clients toward the finish of Q2 and will be conveyed in early Q3. The high number of client vehicles in travel for Model 3 was fundamental because of a huge increment underway towards the finish of the quarter. Q2 conveyances totaled 40, 740 vehicles, of which 18, 440 were Model 3, 10, 930 were Model S, and 11, 370 were Model X. Demonstrate S and X conveyances are in accordance with direction given on May 3. Tesla is changing the quarterly generation example of those vehicles for the different overall districts to guarantee a more direct stream of conveyances through the quarter. The two requests and conveyances for Model S and X were higher in Q2 than a year prior. Our general focus for 100, 000 Model S and Model X conveyances in 2018 is unaltered.

If Tesla (TSLA) meets all its goals, which also include revenue and adjusted profit targets, Musk will receive stock worth $55. 8 billion. He’ll get a chunk of stock every time Tesla hits another milestone for market value — first at $100 billion, then every $50 billion more after that.

Strategy: “complex coordination” – Coined by Tesla investor Peter Thiel, it is the process of creating many innovative pieces that fit together. According to Nicholson, D. (2014). Tesla Motors utilizes three pathways with the end goal to improve the number and the assortment of its accessible EVs to shoppers: First, Tesla exchanges its EVs by means of both online channels and friends possessed showrooms. Second, other automobile makers can get their very own EVs to clients sooner by purchasing licensed electric powertrain parts from Tesla Motors. At long last, Tesla Motors motivate other automobile makers by demonstrating that there is repressed buyer interest for sportive execution and in the meantime socially dependable vehicles. The general system of Tesla can be summed up in three stages. The initial step was to acquaint the Roadster demonstrate with the market and therefore build up a cornerstone for EVs. This goal has just been proficient. Furthermore, Davies, A. (2018) “express that mechanical community systems and R&D collisions are more powerful procedures than mergers and acquisitions. Tesla Motors moves towards that bearing by setting up collisions with significant organizations without thinking about converging with them”. According to Meyer, P. (2018). when the items and the business sectors end up develop, the organizations are fit for recharging their innovation and item portfolio through corporate enterprise. There are organizations that pursue that technique by teaming up with Tesla Motors, Toyota and Daimler are a decent precedent. Both of these organizations work effectively in the ICE vehicle advertise yet they needed to grow in the developing EV showcase. They accomplished that by building up joint effort with a recently settled organization like Tesla Motors with the end goal to restore their innovation and item portfolio. In return Tesla Motors has increased important know-how from their joining forces organizations.

Tesla’s Current Strategy

Business Strategy: differentiation strategy concentrated on the extravagance portion of the market. Tesla’s clients are for the most part from center and upper income levels, and Tesla centers around giving elite and exceptional electric autos. Corporate Strategy: showcase corporate strategy with the objective to change from being a top notch EV maker to a being mass maker that gives more moderate EVs to the overall population. Tesla likewise underscores on vital collusions. It accomplices with Panasonic in R&D for more effective battery advances. Tesla likewise coordinates with other car fabricates, for example, Toyota Motors, Daimler, and Chrysler. Tesla and Toyota participate on the advancement of electric vehicles, the creation framework, and designing help. Tesla at present gives a powertrain to the new Toyota RAV4 Model.

International Strategy: Tesla focuses on the US market but is also looking to expand its global markets, in particular, China. According to Stephen Ellison ( 2018). Tesla enjoys the first mover advantage in all-electric vehicles market while other automotive giants concentrated on hybrid cars. Tesla’s powertrain technology delivers the most efficient and superior performance for electric vehicles over its competitors. Moreover, Tesla endeavors to deliver a long-run auto (265 miles with a solitary battery charge) instead of its rivals who are focusing on between city transport vehicles with a scope of 85 miles as it were.

Successively, Tesla has an edge over its rivals, in that, it is the main organization assembling a system of charging stations, Superchargers and 90-second battery swap stations the nation over and additionally offering straightforwardly to purchasers without including any vendors. These factors support the differentiation strategy by Tesla thus fuelling demand in the luxury segment. This, in turn, drives profitability. However, the future goal of the company is to expand into additional segments where it has to lower value chain costs to increase its profitability.

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